Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We had quite a busy Memorial Day weekend. We took lots of pictures to share. The first picture is one of our favorites - Jack is so happy in his "I love my daddy" outfit.

On Friday, we went to David and Melanie's wedding reception. David and Melanie were married in Australia on December 30, 2006. Since not everyone could make it, they had a reception in St. Louis this weekend to celebrate with everyone in the States. It was a lot of fun. Jack got to meet his Uncle David and Aunt Melanie for the first time.
Uncle David and Adam rock out.

Melanie and Lucy getting down on the dance floor.

Jack enjoying his first wedding reception.

Aunt Helen was a dancing queen.

Not only did Joe bring the music, he also brought lots of fun props.

Jim and Michiyo doing the "shopping cart."

Theresa holding Jack.

Rachel holding Jack.

On Sunday morning, Jack was baptized. His Uncle Patrick is his Godfather and Aunt Karen is his Godmother. He did really well during the baptism. He liked it when Father Bernie poured the water on his head.

Sunday evening we went to the Graf Family Reunion (Molly's fraternal grandmother was a Graf).

Jack's new Godfather was successful in calming him down when he was fussy.Molly got to see her Wisconsin nephews, Ryan and Adam. They are getting so big!

On Monday morning, we took some Kelly family pictures. We should be getting those soon. Afterwards, we had Grandma take this picture in her front yard.

We are so excited about what the future hold for Jack. We thought of several possible careers, but ultimately narrowed it down to two:

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Two Month Checkup

Jack had his two month checkup today. He weighs 11 pounds and is 23 inches long. He also got 4 shots today, so he wasn't too happy about that. We went to Forest Park after the doctor appointment to walk around and have a picnic with Colleen and Caeleigh, as well as Jennifer and her twins Delaney and Zoey. Here are some pictures of our smiley guy that I took this morning (BEFORE the four shots).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Eight Weeks Old

Jack seems to grow and change each day. He has his 2 month check-up on Thursday. We are curious to see how much he's grown this month. He is awake more often and is responding more to us. We have seen some genuine smiles, usually in the morning when he is happiest. It is so exciting to see him smile at us.

I went back to work on May 9. It was pretty difficult to leave Jack, but his great aunt Sue was watching him, so I knew he was in great hands. I only worked one day a week the past two weeks, so it's not bad. My last day is May 31, and then I will be a stay-at-home mommy. Jack and I have already had playdates with many of his friends (Caeleigh, Andrew, and Katie to name a few).

I turned 30 last week. Jim was on call that night, so I planned to have dinner with my parents. To my surprise, Jim showed up at my parents' house. He had secretly switched his call and made dinner reservations at a new restaurant, Oscars, in Normandy. It was very good, and we highly recommend it. Jim asked them to have a bottle of champagne waiting for us when we arrived. I had a wonderful time. Jack got to enjoy the evening with Nana and Papa.
This weekend is going to be BUSY. Saturday night is the St. Louis reception for David and Melanie. Sunday morning is Jack's baptism. His uncle Patrick and aunt Karen are his Godparents. Sunday afternoon we have a family reunion with the Nahms. We will also be taking a Kelly family picture sometime. Luckily, Jim has the whole weekend off. It will be nice to spend some quality time as a family. We will surely have lots of pictures to post next week.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

New dads Jason and Jim, with their sons Andrew and Jack.

Caeleigh and Jack napping together.

Our family picture. We're all wearing baseball caps.

Daddy and Jack on a recent visit to the park.