Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Botanical Gardens

It was a beautiful day, so Jack and I went to the Botanical Gardens today with Nancy and Margo. Currently there is an exhibit called Niki that consists of lots of mosaic sculptures that kids can climb and play on. It was pretty cool.
Here is a lion.
Jack is checking out the lion's eye.
Margo is climbing on the lion.
One of Jack's favorite things to do was play with dirt.

Jack and Margo played in this cat.
Jack wasn't sure about the skull at first. I think it had more to do with the big kids running around and screaming inside than the fact that it was a skull.

Jack playing peek-a-boo in the seal sculpture.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Picnics and Parties

On Saturday, we went to Lone Elk State Park with Uncle David and Aunt Melanie, who were in town from Chicago. First, we had a picnic. Jim grilled some delicious sausages.
Then, we saw bison.
Lastly, we took a hike along a short part of Chubb Trail. Jack hasn't been in a front carrier in months, but he did just fine. He's much heavier than the last time we carried him like this.
Jack's new thing is holding up his palms as if to say "I don't know." He usually does this when we ask him where someone/something is. It's pretty cute.
On Sunday, we went to Caeleigh's first birthday party. Caeleigh enjoyed her first piece of cake.
Jack enjoyed the cake as well.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I haven't been taking as many pictures as I wish I have lately. We had a great weekend last weekend. My friend, Connie, came in from California. On Friday, Jack and I hung out with her. First we had lunch and played at CooperElla. It is a cute cafe with a play area that I had heard a lot about. Connie and I thought it was interesting that we were the only adults in the play area. We watched a pair of moms move from the table closest to the play area to the table furthest, while their kids were playing! Funny! Next we went to the Galleria (Jack loves shopping). Connie was able to get her husband a new Cardinals shirt. He is a big Cards fan.

On Saturday night, Jim and I went to the New Pornographers concert with Matt, Paul, and Krissy. It was lots of fun, except for the couple dancing in front of us. They would sing all the words as they gazed at one another. Jim thought he was going to throw up. I actually had to move away from them because I would be watching the band and the girl's head would keep bouncing in front of me and blocking my view. With each song they played she would shriek and say, "I love this song!" Otherwise, it was a good show and fun time. It had been so long since we enjoyed live music.

On Sunday, Kitty came in from Denver. In honor of Connie and Kitty both being in town for the day, a group of my high school friends and I went to the Cardinal game. A boy (probably about 12 years old) who was sitting in front of us turned around at one point and asked us to be quiet because he was trying to watch the game. We weren't being really loud, or inappropriate, so it was quite a shock to us. Initially when he turned around, we thought he was going to add something to our conversation. I can't imagine what it would be like if everyone in the stadium watched the game quietly. It would be pretty eerie. The Cards ended up losing, but it was a beautiful day and fun to hang out with everyone.

I am continually amazed at everything Jack picks up that we don't even realize.
If you leave an electrical appliance out, he will try to plug it in to an outlet. Luckily we have outlet covers on most of our outlets.
When I say no, he shakes his head no.
He has a stereo on the floor of his room and he can push the buttons to turn on the radio or the CD player. Since it's on the floor and I don't always feel like bending over to turn it on or off, sometimes I just use my foot to tap the button. Lately I have noticed that Jack will try to push the buttons with his foot! It's so funny looking and if anyone else saw it they probably would have no idea why he was doing it.
He has always loved to open and close doors. Now once the door is closed, he reaches for the knob to open it, because that is what Mommy and Daddy do. He cannot yet turn the knob and open it, but he can reach most knobs in this house.

Yesterday morning, I was at the store (easier without the kid) and Jack woke up while Jim was shaving. Jim closed the gate to the stairs, put a gate across the bathroom doorway, and closed the bedroom doors, so Jack was confined to the upstairs hallway. Jim put some toys in the hall for Jack to play with and then he took a shower. About halfway through the shower, Jim heard a door open (you just have to push the bedroom doors open - you don't have to turn the knob). When he got out of the shower and stepped into the hall, all the doors were shut. Jim checked our bedroom first. No Jack. Then he opened Jack's door, and Jack was just sitting on the floor in the middle of the room playing.

Here's a picture from a couple weeks ago of Jack trying to plug in Mommy's hair dryer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Lukas

Jack has a new cousin! Lukas John was born yesterday, April 15, at 12:08PM. He weighs 7lb 4oz and is 19.5" long. His older brothers are so excited! Mom and baby are doing well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Birthday Party

We had to reschedule Jack's first birthday party for this past Saturday because he was sick the weekend before. Here are some pictures from the big event:
Andrew is sharing toys with Caeleigh and Jack. Yummy cake! Jack had his first taste of cake - carrot cake with whipped cream icing.

Balloons are lots of fun!
Andrew and Jack enjoyed the balloon. Andrew is excited about his first birthday in a few weeks.
We opened lots of great gifts. Jack "oohed" in delight!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today is the first day since his birthday that Jack is well. The poor guy was sick for 7 days! We went to the doctor a couple times and spoke with his office on the phone numerous times. The doctor talked about sending Jack to the ER for fluids, but none of us wanted that if it wasn't necessary. Luckily, he was able to get better on his own. Today is the first day he had 3 meals, and kept them all down. They weren't big or exciting meals, but we're working on that. Unfortunately, mom is not feeling so good now.

I haven't taken any pictures since Jack's birthday, but here is a picture from 3 years ago today: