Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had an exciting Thanksgiving weekend. Jim's entire family and my entire family were in town and we got to spend a lot of time with them. Jack enjoyed running around with his cousins Ryan and Adam on Thursday night. Ryan: the unhappy turkey

Adam and Ryan both wore the Thanksgiving hats they made at school.
Jack and Mommy snuggled.
Here are the four grandchildren together on the couch.

Uncle David and Aunt Melanie were lots of fun, throwing their nephews around. On Friday we went to the annual Turkey Bowl football game that Jim's friends organize. Unfortunately Jim had to work, but Jack and I went to watch, and my brothers played.

Jack tossed the pigskin some, too.

After awhile the game failed to hold Jack's interest and we wandered over to the playground. Jack climbed the stairs and went down the slide all by himself.

He rode in this cool lady bug.
Jack walked across this funny bridge.

Friday night Jack got to spend time with his Kelly cousins. They played Ring Around the Rosy with him. Everyone was laughing! He liked being the center of attention (as usual).

I like this picture because you can see Bridget scolding Colin for something. Jack is intrigued by her.Later Friday night Jim and I were able to meet up with a number of my cousins at the bar where my brother works. Saturday morning we went to the zoo with my brother, sister-in-law and their 3 boys, as well as my cousin and her 2 boys. Ryan and Adam were dressed for the weather.
Jack walked across this rope bridge without holding Daddy or Mommy's hand!

Jim checked out the animal x-rays.

Saturday night we had the Kelly family Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Unfortunately Grandma and Grandpa couldn't come. After dinner, Paul, Jim, and Karen entertained us with singing and guitar-playing.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blueberries and Animals

On Tuesday night, we picked Connie and Damon up from the airport and headed to Blueberry Hill for dinner. After dinner we enjoyed some delicious Ted Drewes. They are only in town for a few days but want to make the most of it and enjoy as much St. Louis cuisine as possible.
Wednesday morning we met Kathleen and Lily, Nancy and Margo, and Elizabeth and Andrew at the zoo. The kids really enjoyed the Zoomagination Station.
Lily and Jack were concentrating hard as they played with the bird seed.
Both Jack and Andrew liked the play house.
Margo is dressed in her zoo outfit!
This was the best picture I could get of all four kids. I was impressed that they all sat still long enough for me to take it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling Better

After a not-so-great weekend, everyone in the Kelly household is feeling much better. Jack was only sick on Tuesday night, so he didn't have a rough weekend. On Friday night, he had fun jumping off a step and throwing his body on the ground. There is a video of him below this picture.
We did quite a bit of relaxing this weekend. Jack and Daddy read one of Daddy's exciting medical books together! On Monday night, my cousin Leo and his wife Anna came over for dinner. Eight years ago Anna was in a terrible car accident and spent a month in the hospital. Recently she was able to check out all her films from the hospital and she brought them over for Jim to see. He went through each one with Leo and Anna. After dinner, Jim went to an open mic night with his friend, Jeff. I wish I had pictures or could have seen them play, but it was so late that I didn't go. Hopefully I will be able to make it the next time they play.
Today we met Nancy and Margo at the Science Center. Jack and Margo both enjoyed playing with this phone. Maybe we should get a phone at our house for Jack to play with. Hmmm...
I think Jack's favorite part was watching the balls go through this 3 story exhibit.

Jack really likes railings these days. I had thought he just liked them on stairs to help him walk up and down, but there was a railing down a long hallway today and he walked holding onto it the entire time. It was really cute. He is getting to be such a big boy!
We even got to play outside for a little bit.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday and Sunday in Denver

I would have updated the blog with more pictures from my weekend in Denver sooner if I had taken any pictures with my own camera. I don't know how well you'll be able to see these pictures, but they are some that Sara took with her camera and posted to snapfish.

On Saturday, we did a lot of relaxing. We also explored some of downtown Denver, including this giant cow statue and the horse on top of a chair.
Saturday night we ate at an Indian restaurant and then went to a local drinking establishment. Here I am posing with the chef.
Sara's friends, Katie and Matt, met up with us. We celebrated Katie's birthday.
Sunday morning we were able to get a short hike in before we met my cousin, Kristen, for lunch and then went to the airport. This week has not been too exciting. Jack got sick Tuesday night and then was fine by Wednesday morning. Jim and I got sick Thursday night. Jim called in sick for the first time ever on Friday. We were supposed to go to Chicago and South Bend this weekend, but had to change our plans. Hopefully ND can pull out a win, though. One of my former runners is a freshman at ND and plays in the band. We were planning to meet her and her family before the game and have dinner afterward. I am bummed that we couldn't go, but I am sure we'll make it to another game while she is a student there.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday in Denver

Sara and I came out to Denver for the weekend to visit our friend, Kathryn. We got here late Thursday night. On Friday, we went to the Mile High Flea Market. It certainly did not live up to our expectations.
Kitty can play games and drive at the same time!
Next we visited the Museum of Nature and Science. We quite enjoyed ourselves. Here was a sign on the wolf sculpture out front. They definitely were not hot!
I barely escaped this attack.

Inside I spent some time with the penguins. As Jack would say, "Brrrr..."

Sara tried to enter a Do Not Enter area. These guys couldn't stop her.
I was attacked all day!
We even got to ride some llamas!

The wolves weren't hot, but we were! Kitty imitates the kitty.
We went to a cool restaurant for dinner. Then we visited a few nearby establishments and met up with some of Kathryn's friends.