Monday, January 26, 2009

Outdoor Fun

We had some nice weather a couple days last week and we were lucky enough to get outside to enjoy it. On Wednesday, Jack and I picked up Grandma to go to Alton to see the eagles. Grandma brought her scope and a couple binoculars so we could see them better.
Jack was not very interested in looking through the scope or binoculars, so he just played. Grandma and I put our cameras up to the scope to try to get close-up pictures of the birds.
An eagle!
The icy river looked so cold!

You can see three eagles hanging out near one another in the following picture:
We all had a fun time.
On Thursday, Jack and I went to the zoo. Some of our friends showed up and we ended up spending 2 hours in the children's zoo. It was so fun. Jack even took a nap that afternoon!
This jeep is one of Jack's favorite things at the children's zoo. He had to adjust the mirrors so he could see all the cars behind him.
Jack is watching the meerkats from a play cave.
After watching Mom and Grandma yesterday, Jack knew just what to do.
Jack and Garrett walked across the rope bridge.
Friday morning, we went to the Heights for some indoor fun. Jack loves to shoot baskets and spent most of the hour and a half we were there doing just that.
Our little ball hog:
On Saturday afternoon, Jack pretended to talk on our cell phones. There is a funny video at the end of him imitating us. Who do you think he is imitating, Molly or Jim?

Here's another video from a couple weeks ago that had Jim and I laughing. Jack is dancing along with his toy's music.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indoor Fun

The past couple of weeks have been pretty cold, so we have spent a lot of time indoors. Eight of my former cross country runners came over for lunch one day, before they all had to head back to college. Jack loved the attention. Unfortunately I forgot to get my camera out until after 3 of them left. One day, Jack spilled some water on his shirt, so I took it off him. He did not want a new shirt on, so I let him play shirtless for a while. We keep our house below 70 degrees during the day, so I was surprised he kept his shirt off for so long.
"Where's my shirt?"We play catch in the living room. I set up blankets, shoes, whatever to trap the ball when I roll it back to Jack after he throws it to me. He has a pretty good arm!Here's Jack cool hairdo after his winter hat comes off. Notice the cool Rock sweatshirt.As I was cooking one day, Jack decided to stack cans in the kitchen. I honestly did not help him at all, and didn't even really notice how well he was doing until they were over his head!

Yesterday, Jack and I went out to visit Caeleigh and Sean. Jack and Caeleigh had fun playing together. At one point they both grabbed books from Caeleigh's room and plopped down on the kitchen floor to read them. Too funny!
Sean did a lot of sleeping during our visit. He is so sweet!
Jack gave Sean's feet a kiss.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Friends, New Baby, and Puzzles

On Saturday morning, Jack and I met Andrew and Elizabeth at Gymboree. We had lots of fun! The teacher blew tons of bubbles for the kids to catch.

Jack's favorite part was the big basketball hoop. Even when the entire group was doing an activity together, Jack would leave to shoot some baskets.

The kids loved the parachute!

Saturday evening we went to Washington, MO to visit our friends Kevin and Sarah. Jack had fun playing with their kids, Audrey and Will.
Jack was intrigued by Audrey's new leapster. Jack and Will strike a pose by the fireplace.
On Sunday, Colleen and Mike welcomed a son, Sean Michael, into the world! He was 8 lbs, 13 oz and measured 21.5 inches! Caeleigh shows her little brother some love. Jack has taken a big interest in puzzles. We worked on this one before bed last night and it was the first thing he wanted to do when he woke up this morning. He can do it all by himself! I hand him the puzzle with the pieces out of it, and he can put them all in the right places! I am very impressed.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Jack and I started off the New Year's celebration with a countdown to noon party at Kathleen's house. It was lots of fun and quite crowded. There are more pictures on Kathleen's blog. A number of my high school friends came with their kids.
Joe entertained the kids.Jack and I relaxed at home before Jim and I went to a friend's wedding reception that night.
Jack wanted to get dressed up like Daddy.
Our friends Isaiah and Katie eloped to Hawaii a few weeks ago. They had a reception New Year's Eve at Katie's grandparents' house. We had a lot of fun.
Katie and Isaiah making their grand entrance:
The band that played:
Party pics:

On New Year's Day, my brother David and his wife Melanie did the Polar Bear Swim in Lake Michigan in Chicago. Yes, that is snow they are standing in! As Jack would say, "Brrrrrrr."
On New Year's Day, we had dinner with Jason, Elizabeth, and Andrew. Jack and Andrew had fun playing with Andrew's toys. It was all fun and games until Jack smacked Andrew in the head with a hockey stick. Jack wasn't paying attention at the time (it was not intentional). Luckily, Andrew is fine. No more hockey for Jack for awhile.