Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Fun

Here are some pictures from the past week.  The night before Easter, the kids decorated Easter eggs.

After Patrick got dye on his white shirt (what was I thinking?), he dyed the rest of the eggs shirtless.
Jack and Patrick being goofy post-egg-coloring:
Jack likes it when I lift him by my feet.
On Easter Sunday morning, the boys found Easter eggs in the living room.  It was too wet outside for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs there.

We've had some nice weather this week.  Jack enjoyed blowing bubbles in the backyard.
Patrick tried to blow some bubbles, too.
On Tuesday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's to wait for Jim's sister and her family and their friends to arrive from Milwaukee.  It was a beautiful evening for playing in the yard (and taking photos).

What a good-looking group of guys:
The boys with Grandma:
Three generations of Kelly men:
My handsome husband and me:

My new favorite family photo:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, the season of New Life!
The Kellys
Jim, Molly, Jack, Patrick and baby due 9.15.11

Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoo, Little Gym, and Soccer

We have had some beautiful days in St. Louis recently.  On one such morning, we met our friends at the zoo, stopping by the Art Museum for a quick picture on the way.
The first thing we did was ride the carousel (it's free the first hour the zoo is open).

Next we went to the Children's Zoo (also free the first hour).

A trip to the Zoo would not be complete without a ride on the Zooline Railroad!
Andrew and Jack posing in front of the elephants:
I told Jack to hold Patrick's hand for a picture.  Patrick did NOT like that idea.
Here's a better picture (no hand-holding):
Last week, Jack was invited to the Little Gym with his friend Allison.  They had a blast!  The kids were busy the entire hour.

Afterward, we walked through the mall to the indoor playground.  Allison likes getting her picture taken a lot more than Jack does!
Jack put together one of the Lego sets he got for his birthday.
On Thursday, we went to Mimi's soccer game.  Unfortunately, we left at halftime because Mimi was going to the hospital to get her arm examined.  She got hurt during the game and broke her arm.  Poor girl!  I think she is mostly disappointed about missing future soccer games.  I am glad we got to see her play before she broke it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jamming in Wisconsin

The first weekend in April we went up to Milwaukee.  Jim's sister, Karen, put together an All Star show at a local bar.  She organized musicians into 3 bands to play for about an hour each.  After the three bands played, her band Ruby Street played.  Jim, his brother Paul, and sister Karen were in the second band, along with another guy, John, who played bass.  It was a lot of fun!  Below are some pictures, but you can also see some videos on You Tube. 

Click on the following links to see each of the You Tube videos: The Weight, Laid, and Mary Jane's Last Dance.

Jim played guitar and sang:
Paul played guitar and sang:
Karen played the drums and sang:

When Ruby Street performed, Karen played guitar, sang, and played the tambourine.
Our friends Will and Jean came out for the show. 
When we left Milwaukee on Sunday, it was sleeting and cold.  The high in St. Louis that day was 90 degrees!  We were sorry to miss the warm St. Louis weather, but when we stopped at a rest stop on the way home, we were able to enjoy the nice (and quite windy) weather.

 Here's a cute picture of Jim and Patrick walking back to the car to continue our journey home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jack is FOUR!

Jack recently celebrated his FOURTH birthday!  His birthday morning started with a birthday muffin.

Then, we got quite a bit of snow (6 inches?).
That evening, we had a family birthday party.  Grandma made the cake.  Check out how awesome it is:

Patrick got in on the action, too.
Sean liked the orange cones Nana and Papa gave Jack.

So happy to be four...
The next day, we had a party with his friends at the Whittle Shortline Railroad.  It was great!  They started off with a train pinata.  Jack was the one who finally broke it open!

Next, we had pizza, fruit, and train cookies.
Jack was having a blast!
Then, the kids (16+ kids!) played with trains.

Finally, Jack got to put his handprint on the wall.  He chose his favorite color, green.
Happy birthday to our sweet four-year-old!