Monday, April 20, 2015

Christmas 2014

I took the kids to see Santa one night a couple weeks before Christmas.  Maggie had a difficult time controlling her excitement. 
A few days later we tried another visit to Santa.  Similar results.
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is a trip to Our Lady of the Snows for their light display.
We got to see some live animals.
The kids even offered them some food.  There are pellet machines that you can put some change into and get some feed pellets to give the animals.  Instead of giving our kids money to get the pellets, they just found some that had dropped on the floor and gave them to the animals.  Smart little guys!
We always eat dinner at the restaurant and check out the fun stuff inside.

This year they had this big mural...
It was made completely out of Legos!!!  Our boys were very interested in it!
Then we continued our drive through the lights.
On Christmas Eve, we went to Mass with my parents and then back to their house for dinner.
Then, the kids were able to open presents from my side of the family!
Christmas morning was fun at home.  The kids are excited to watch each other open gifts, as well as open their own gifts.

Maggie was happy just to eat the gifts.
The after...
Then, we donned our Christmas best for brunch at Jim's parents' house.
My mom made Maggie's skirt and my cousin Colleen monogrammed her blouse.  
We didn't open presents on Christmas because Jim's sister was coming in the next day with her family and we wanted to wait to open presents all together.  The kids were happy to play at Grandma and Grandpas and got to see some of their cousins!
 Maggie's brothers are thrilled to try to get her to smile.

The day after Christmas, Maggie got to go to a first birthday party for my friend Connie's daughter, Ani.  Ani and Maggie are a few weeks apart (Ani was celebrating a little early).
 Buddies for over 20 years:
On Saturday night, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate Christmas with the whole clan.  I love my mother-in-law's mantle at Christmas!  She has made a stocking for each of the 16 people in the family!
 The whole family:

The original five:

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

On Thanksgiving morning, Jim and his friend Jeff got up early to run a 6 mile run.  The kids and I walked a short distance from our house to see them. It was a bit icy, but no one got hurt. 
The kids were so excited to see Dad!

After the run, we got dressed for the day's festivities.  Maggie wore an adorable turkey dress.

Maggie with her Godmother, Bridget.
Kelly holidays are always filled with live music!  Jim played the ukelele he got in Hawaii.
His brother Paul played guitar.
Grandma played the piano.  They are definitely a talented family!
I took pictures.

After a morning at Jim's parents' house, we went to my parents' house for dinner.  My brother was in town with his family.
The adult table:
Ingrid and Patrick:
We facetimed with Uncle David in Australia.
The boys were acting silly for the camera.

Kathleen felt sweet baby kicks after the delicious meal.
We got a picture with all the grandchildren in the States with matching snowman pjs. 

On Saturday, we did a fun race nearby.  Patrick, Ingrid, Jim, and I ran the 5K.  Out of 121 finishers, my brother Patrick came in 3rd!  
Jim placed 17th!
 I was happy with my 8:15 pace.
The awards ceremony:

After the awards ceremony, there was a half mile fun run that the kids did.  Our five are on the right side of the picture (Ryan, Adam, Lukas, Jack, and Patrick ran).
Patrick's oldest son, Ryan, came in first place!!!
Jack had fun!
 I guess Jim hadn't run enough because he ran alongside Patrick.
 The cousins with their medals: