Sunday, March 27, 2016

End of October

We managed to pack a lot of fun in the last week of October!  Our town had a run that we all participated in.  Grandma and I ran/walked with the kids in the 1 mile race.  Jim ran in the 5 mile race.

We invited Patrick's class to a birthday party at an indoor soccer/inflatable place.  It was lots of fun!

On the last day of school before Halloween, the preschool had a parade in the morning.  Charlie was Clifford the Big Red Dog this year.

In the afternoon, the kindergarten through 2nd grade had a Halloween parade at school.  The kindergartners walked around with their 8th grade angels.
Charlie came to watch the parade with me.  
We stopped by the kindergarten class party afterward.
When we got home, the boys tossed the football in the backyard.

When Jim got home from work, he put on this scary mask I bought and ran around the yard frightening the kids.
That night I took the boys back to school for Trunk or Treat. Jim was more than happy to stay home with Maggie.
Our block party was scheduled in the afternoon of Halloween.  Unfortunately, it rained so we hung out in a neighbor's garage.  I got a few pics of the kids after the rain stopped.

Our crew:

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Patrick's Birthday and Pumpkinland

After church one Sunday, I went with the kids to a nearby pumpkin patch.  We didn't buy anything, but had fun looking around.

We celebrated Patrick's 6th birthday the weekend before his actual birthday.  This guy makes you work for a smile sometimes.

On his actual birthday, he opened presents from us.
Then, we continued our tradition of going to the pumpkin patch after school on his birthday.

Nana, Papa, and Rory met us there.  This was my attempt at a picture of everyone on the tractor ride.
Me and my pumpkin:
The birthday boy:
Everyone loves the slide!
Next year Rory will be grinning ear to ear.
Double Trouble:

 She will follow her Daddy anywhere!

The zipline is so fun!
It will flip you upside down!
Even mamas get to ride!
The best attempt at a family picture:
How tall this Fall?

This kiddo asks all year when he can go to Pumpkinland.  It's like Disney for him.  I can't imagine why he would have such a sad face at the happiest place on Earth.

Our crew:
Afterward, we celebrated a birthday dinner at the restaurant where Uncle Michael works.