Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jack's First Cardinal Game

Jack has been doing some light reading these days. Ever since he went to book club with me last month he's really shown an interest in Amy Tan.

Jim's ND friend, Dave, came to visit from Florida this past weekend. On Friday we grilled some delicious baby back ribs. Yum! Saturday afternoon, Jim and Dave jammed on the patio. Jack and I (and the neighbors) enjoyed the tunes.
We took the MetroLink to the game Saturday. This was Jack's first ride!
Johnny, Dave, Jim, Jack, and Molly enjoyed the game, even though the Cardinals lost (that's why Jack is so upset).Elaine and Rosie got to hang out with Jack.
Jack asks, "Do I look cool with my hat on backwards?"
This is how Jack spent a lot of the game.
Here is our cute, Irish baby!