Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

We recently met up with one of my former runners, Kendra, for lunch before teaching my Godson, Mark, how to drive a stick. We picked the hottest day of the year (104 degrees) to drive around a parking lot with the windows open. Jack stayed in the air conditioning with Aunt Sue and Rachel.Since it's been soooooo hot in St. Louis, we have been spending a lot of time indoors. Jack has been rolling all over the place. If I set him on a blanket and leave the room for a minute, he is off the blanket on the other side of the room when I return. I guess we'll have to start babyproofing the place soon. He has also been "talking" a lot. The next few pictures were taken when he was making some funny sounds.
Last Friday Jack got to hang out with Andrew.

"If I could just get his head, I could put it in my mouth like everything else."Last Saturday, mom and Jack spent the night with Mike, Colleen, and Caeleigh while daddy worked. Colleen and I went to the store and left Mike with both kids.

Caeleigh has lots of fun toys that she shared.
On Tuesday morning, Jack and I went downtown with Robert to get tickets to that night's Cardinals game. On the morning of a home game they sell 125 pairs of tickets for $11. It's quite a deal. You don't know where your seats are until you get to the game. They could be field box or standing room only. Ours were in section 237. Unfortunately it was extremely hot, so we didn't stay long at all. Some very kind ushers let us sit in an air conditioned party room because Jack was so hot. They said we could stay there for the entire game, but we opted to head home instead. At least we got to see Fredbird!

I decided that fingerpainting (also "footpainting") would be a fun indoor activity (Elizabeth told me that Andrew fingerpaints at daycare). So, I mixed some flour and water and then added food coloring. Jack likes to put everything in his mouth, including fingers and toes, so I wanted something I knew was non-toxic. We spread newspapers on the kitchen floor and went to town. It was alright. I think he will enjoy it a lot more when he's older.

It's always fun when daddy comes home! Jack loves it when Jim throws him in the air.
Jim and Jack enjoy the latest bestsellers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Swimming, Swings, and Storms

Last Wednesday we went swimming at Nancy's house. Jack really had a good time (so did Mommy).

Jack loves to eat his toes. We've tried them, but they are kind of bland.
When Daddy got home from work on Friday, we walked up to the park so Jack could swing. He loved it!

On Sunday some of Molly's former cross country runners were in the neighborhood and stopped by to meet Jack.

Sunday night some storms came through the area. Hazelwood's first day of school was canceled due to power outages. Luckily we did not lose power, but our patio table was shattered. Bummer.The Cardinals had a good weekend. Let's hope they continue to play well.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Visit with friends

Jack and I had lots of fun visits last week. On Tuesday, my friends Ann Marie, Teresa, and Sue came to visit. I forgot to take a picture, so here is one from 3 years ago in Atlanta. On Wednesday, we went to the Botanical Gardens (free before noon!) and met up with 5 other moms and their kids. It was pretty hot, so we didn't stay long. Afterwards, we headed back to our place for lunch and to play.
On Thursday, some of my former cross country runners came to visit. They really enjoyed meeting Jack and catching up with me.
Over the weekend, we stuck around home a lot. Saturday night newlyweds Paul and Krissy, and new parents-to-be Matt and Nancy came over for games. On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa came to church and had lunch with us. Sunday night Jim grilled some delicious chicken. Jim got a grilling book for Father's Day and has become really interested in it. We have tried many new recipes and they have all been great! On Saturday we walked to a nearby garage sale and Jim got a great deal a brand-new smoker. We are anxious to try it out soon.
Jack recently started putting his feet in his mouth (I think he picked that up from Jim). It's pretty funny to watch him try to eat his toes. He loves to stand, so the exersaucer is a lot of fun for him.