Thursday, September 27, 2007

Six Months

This year has been going so fast. It's hard to believe Jack is already 6 months old! Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks. Jack and I went to Wisconsin with my mom to visit my brother and his family. Here is one of two Tigger costumes we have for Halloween. Jack had lots of fun playing with his cousins, Ryan and Adam.
Papa loves this picture of his grandsons supporting the Rams.
When we got back in town, Jack and I went to the Botanical Gardens with Grandma.
This past weekend, we went up to Chicago for Annette and John's wedding. Annette is Jim's friend from medical school. We stayed with Jack's great-great-aunt Rose Mary. Uncle David and Aunt Melanie watched Jack while we went to the rehearsal dinner at Gino's East on Saturday night. The pizza was delicious! The wedding was Sunday. It was outside along the lakeshore. The weather was perfect! What a beautiful background for a ceremony. Jim played guitar and sang a duet with another friend.

Daddy finally got Jack to take a much-needed nap!

On Wednesday, Jack turned 6 months! We had check-up Monday and he weighs 16 pounds, 3 ounces (25 percentile) and measures 27 inches (75 percentile).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Five Months

Here are a number of pictures from the past few weeks:
A visit from Kitty prompted this gathering of IWA alumnae. Kitty and Jack enjoying some ice cream from Oberweis.
We surprised Nana at her tennis match on her birthday. When we handed her the balloon, it flew away and she was left with just the string.
Jack and I enjoyed the wading pool at Tower Grove Park.

We got to spend a day at the Science Center with Jack's cousins, Katie and Bridget.
We were almost able to construct the Arch! No one in our group was tall enough to put the final pieces together at the top.
This exhibit was a fun attraction for the girls.
The outside of the Science Center is pretty fun too!

Bath time!

Mom and Jack went to LeRoy, IL for a few days so Dad could study for his exam. We had lots of fun with Amy's boys, Abe and Bo.

Dinner in Champaign was fun. We got to hang out with Dave, Joslyn, Garrett, and Darren.
We went to the Cardinal game after Jim's test on Thursday.

After Ankiel's first homerun of the game:
During the second rain delay of the game:
On Sunday, we gave Jack his first bite of rice cereal. Yum!