Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Yesterday Jack and I went to the Botanical Gardens with Grandma. They had a cool train exhibit that Jack really enjoyed. Each time a train would pass him, he would sign "more."
The trains were set in the mountains of Vermont. We saw a ski resort, some farms, a fire station, a covered bridge, lots of plants, and this...the Trapp Family Lodge. The lodge is owned by the family that inspired the Sound of Music!
More trains! Can I touch them?

We walked around outside, too. Jack really liked the bell tree.
In the afternoon, after Jack's "downtime" (he doesn't nap anymore), he and I went to the playground to enjoy some more of the unusually warm weather (the high yesterday was in the mid-60s!). Jack loves to run across the bridges.
He got to drive a space shuttle, too!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a very nice Christmas this year. One of the best things was that Jim did not have to work! When we woke up Christmas morning, we gave Jack a little breakfast (he never had dinner the night before because he fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner and never really woke up). Then we opened presents. First the stocking:Jack got lots of new books! Some of the books were about trucks and tractors and had wheels so you could drive them around. Next, we began opening presents. It was a lot more fun this year than last year since Jack knew what he was doing. The entire process took a lot longer than last year because Jack wanted to play with all the presents as he opened them. When we would take it from him and hand him another present to open, he would get upset (because we were taking this cool, new gift from him). He didn't actually open all of his presents on Christmas because we ran out of time.
Here is an example of how Jack opened each gift:
Examine some more
Examine further (while mom and dad are trying to encourage him to open another gift)
Hooray! I really like this!
Finally, moving on to the next gift. He liked to share the wrapping paper with me.

After opening presents at home we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where we opened more presents and enjoyed some good food.

Jack's cousins liked playing with his new toys, too!
This photo was taken immediately after Jack's cousins, Mimi, Katie, and Bridget, opened their gift from Grandma and Grandpa - a new Wii! We all had fun playing with it later.
Katie and Jack played hangman.
Jack with his cousins Katie, Bridget, and Mimi
Paul, Katie, Margaret, Bridget, and Mimi pose by the fireplace.
In the afternoon, we went to my aunt and uncle's for another Christmas celebration. Jack had fun playing with his second cousin, Joe.
Jack really liked to climb the stairs from the first floor all the way to the third floor!
Doesn't he look cute in this coat and hat that my older brother wore when he was little?
On Friday we went to the Magic House. Uncle Patrick and Aunt Ingrid gave Jack a membership for Christmas.
Our little Mozart
One of Jack's favorite things was this set of tubes with air flowing through them. You could put soft balls and scarves in the tubes and then change the direction the air flowed.
Truer words were never written:
The Kids' Construction Zone was fun. Jack got to turn on and off lights while sweeping (two of his favorite things at once)!
He also got to dig.
It was fun to sit in the loader.
Today, Jack colored a very pretty picture for Mommy. Jim and I were so impressed because he used a lot of colors and filled the entire paper. We were not so impressed later when we saw that he had decided the dining room walls needed a little green:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Open Mic Night

Jim and his friend Jeff played at an open mic night again last night. This time I got to go, but forgot my camera. Thankfully, my brother had his and let me take a couple pictures. They played 5 songs and were great! Quite a few family and friends came out to listen. Bill and April:
Jean, Matt, and Will:
My brother Michael and my cousin Brendan:
My cousin Jack and uncle Bob:
Many more people came (including my mom and Jeff's mom). Jim and Jeff really looked like they were having fun.
Here is Jim with his biggest fan:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Funny Videos

Here are 3 funny videos from this past week.

This is the language Jack has picked up lately:

Jim took these next two the other night. Jack has to earn his keep somehow.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You lose the most heat from your head

Jack has a hat that he loves, and I love that he loves to wear it. Sometimes he will find it and put it on even if we are just hanging out in the house. Check out his big belly. I will be so sad when he loses it. Eventually having a big belly is not so cute, though.
We haven't spent much time outside lately. On Friday we were able to bundle up to play outside for a while and enjoy the fresh air.

On Friday night we took Jack to Our Lady of the Snows to see the Christmas lights. There was a children's area in the visitors center. Jack colored and then we watched a puppet show. Notice that Jack kept his hat on while we were inside.

The lights were pretty, but hard to capture with the car moving. On the way home we stopped by "Candy Cane Lane" and saw more lights. Jack loves Christmas lights. After we pass a house with lights, he will sign "more" as if I can magically make more lights appear. Luckily it isn't hard to find more.
This guy was dressed in lights!

One of Jack's favorite foods is yogurt. Lately, though, he won't eat it. I finally got him to eat some yesterday when I let him eat it with a spatula. He managed to get it all over himself.