Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Haircut!

Jack was in need of another haircut. So, I put his high chair in front of the t.v. and he watched Barney as I cut his hair. It was perfect. He was so enthralled with the show that he was still for the most part (see video) while I had sharp scissors next to his head.

A couple of after shots:

Happy Birthday, Reilly!

Jack and I went to Reilly's 1st birthday party on Saturday (Daddy had to work and was bummed he couldn't go). Check out the cakes Reilly's dad, Tim, decorated!Presents are so much fun!
Yum! My first taste of cake. This is way better than pureed veggies and fruits.
Jack says, "Reilly, drop a couple bites of cake to me. My mommy won't let me have any!"

Playtime with Friends

Soon the weather turned cold again and we were back to playing inside. Last Wednesday we went over to Katie and Gabi's house to play. Caeleigh was there too. Katie and Gabi have lots of fun toys!Oh look! I found a pretty pink pacifier. I'll just put it in my mouth. Yummy!
Caeleigh's working on her dribbling.
There are hundreds of toys, but we all want to play with this one now.

Trip to the Zoo!

We had an unusually warm day a week and a half ago, so Jack and I met Colleen and Caeleigh at the zoo. Before we went to the zoo, we needed to have a good breakfast. As I was making breakfast, Jack was playing in one of the kitchen drawers. He pulled out a tablespoon and kept it during breakfast. As I was feeding him (with a baby spoon) and eating my own cereal, he reached out for my spoon. Since I have a hard time saying no to him (he's pretty darn cute), I gave him my spoon. It was so funny watching this 9 month old using a tablespoon and an adult spoon in his high chair!Our favorite zoo exhibit was the hippo aquarium. It was fun to look through the glass and see the hippos and the fish.
Can you see the hippo swimming behind them?

Chuck E. Cheese

A couple weeks ago Jack and I went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. We met up with Elaine and her godson Scott, as well as Tammy and her two girls. Jack had fun. It was full of kids running around and playing. I think Jack enjoyed just looking at everyone as much as he enjoyed some of the "rides."
Jack takes Barney on a ride.
School buses are fun!

Elaine and Scott had a ball!
Scott and Bella play air hockey.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We had a wonderful Christmas together. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:
Jack loves his director's chair.We went to see Santa with Jack's friends Zoey and Delaney. Jack enjoyed his first candy cane (the wrapper is still on it).
Maybe they should give Zoey and Delaney a candy cane!
Jack and our dog enjoy the Christmas tree.
Awww...Jack's giving the doggy a kiss. We made him wash his mouth afterwards.
Jack's not so sure about the snow. He did crawl around in it some, but I wouldn't say he was thrilled by it.
His first snow angel. No one told him he had to move his arms and legs to make the angel, though. Maybe next time.
Meals are always lots of fun. We are not sure if more food goes in his mouth, or on his face, arms, clothes, legs, floor, etc.

Jack's first Christmas morning was fun! He helped a little. The ribbons and wrappings were definitely the highlight for him. It was quite a Christmas - he got his own cell phone and mp3 player! Kids grow up so fast these days.