Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Fun Week

Last Saturday, Jim assembled Jack's toddler bed. Jack was excited about it. He pointed to it and said, "Jack's toddler bed." It was pretty cute. Here is a picture from that night:After I put him down, I could hear him moving around and talking to himself. After about 30 minutes he finally fell asleep, and when I checked on him later I found a few books in his bed. Here is a picture of him sleeping:
Since then, he has done really well in the toddler bed--at night. Naps are another story. He has not been a good napper lately anyway, but at least in his crib he was contained. Since the move to the toddler bed, at nap time I hear him running around his room, jumping, shooting baskets, whatever. Despite spending a lot of time swimming in the hot, hot sun this week, he just would not nap. However, on Thursday, when my parents watched Jack while I tutored, I put him down in their pack n' play. And he slept! So, I have decided that Jack can nap in a pack n' play and sleep in his toddler bed at night. It has been working out so far.
On Sunday, we took our fathers out for a Father's Day brunch. My mom couldn't make it because she is on a cruise with my sister-in-law, Melanie. Lucky ladies! Jim, Jack, Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, and I enjoyed the food and the company.

We went to Caeleigh's house for some fun in the water. Colleen set up some kiddie pools and slides and the kids had a blast.

On Friday morning, Jack was playing with one of Jim's ties. I told him that one day he would wear a tie like Daddy. I decided we didn't need to wait for "one day"; he could wear one today!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Fun!

This past week has been full of lots of fun activities. On Saturday, we went to the church parade and picnic. "Picnic" doesn't describe it as well as "carnival." We met up with Shanna and her dog, Walter, to watch the parade. Even Fredbird was in the parade!
Next, we got tickets to go on a ride. Jack held his ticket and patiently waited his turn in line.
He got to give the man his ticket (Jack is very independent these days and wants to do everything himself).
Daddy and Jack are at the top of the long slide.
Jack loved it!
We were supposed to go to Toddler Time at a local pool on Tuesday, but the rain kept us away. We met Margo at the History Museum that day instead, and had an excellent time. No pictures, though. On Wednesday we spent the morning at Caeleigh and Sean's house, but I neglected to take pictures there as well. Thursday, we rescheduled our Toddler Time playdate. Jack had a lot of fun and didn't want to leave. Lily was there, too!

Today, Friday, was another great day for swimming. We went to Margo's house and swam in her pool.
Sean took a morning snooze poolside.
It was the perfect day for a swim: hot, hot, hot.
Jack did great swimming while holding onto two noodles!
Caeleigh tried it out, too. She was a pro!
Sean kept cool in the shade.
Lily posed on the side of the pool.
Jack and Margo enjoyed cookie and ice cream sandwiches in the shade. Yum!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the trip Jack and I took to Michigan a couple weeks ago. We stopped in Illinois on the way for lunch with my college roommate, Amy, and her 2 boys. Jack and her son, Bo, had a lot of fun together. Next, we went to Chicago for a night. We got to stay with Uncle David and Aunt Melanie. Nana and Papa were there as well. Friday afternoon we went to a park while David and my parents played tennis. Jack watched for a while...
Then we headed to the playground for some real fun!
I was impressed that Jack could climb this snake-like ladder all by himself! My big boy!
On Saturday morning we drove to Michigan! We had a great week up there with lots of family. Jack had lots of fun with his Wisconsin cousins: Ryan, Adam, and Lukas. He spent a lot of time playing on the sand dunes behind the cottages. I didn't mind hanging out with him up there because I had a great view of the lake. I did mind when Jack would put sand in his mouth. Yuck!
Jack and Adam digging the sand.
The weather was cool, but we still enjoyed some time on the beach. One afternoon we walked along the beach to the playground at the public beach nearby.
The cold water (54 degrees) did not bother Jack.
Uncle Michael and his girlfriend Kathleen walked with us.
Papa walked with us, too!
When we got back to our beach, Jack had fun digging sand and playing in the water with his cousins.

Jack's pants got soaked, so I took them off. He played in a diaper and sweatshirt. It was a sight to see.
"Brrrr..." that water's cold!
One morning we went into town for a trolley ride. Nana and Papa got a picture with all their grandsons.
The trolley was fun and full of corny jokes.
Bubbles on the deck
We tried to get a picture of all the grandsons with their matching swimming trunks.
Lukas didn't want to participate.He does like getting his picture taken, though. He was upset and crying, but when I took his picture, he stopped crying to give me this smile.
I love this shirt I bought Jack. It is SPF 50. Jack is not a fan of sunscreen, so when he wears this shirt it cuts back on how much of his body I have to slather with sunscreen.
Jack and I spent some time on the beach - just the two of us.
We definitely missed Jim and wished he could be there with us.
My Uncle Steve brought a couple kayaks with him. Jack enjoyed playing in them (on dry land).
One morning we had a girls day. My mom, Ingrid, Kathleen, and I went out to breakfast and shopping. Kathleen and I bought matching sweatshirts. They say "Lake Michigan, Unsalted."
Here's a photo with me, Jack, my parents, and my brother Patrick and his family.