Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Awesome Weekend

We had a great weekend this past weekend. The weather was nice (for the most part) and we spent all day Saturday and Sunday together as a family.

On Thursday (before the awesome weekend), Jack and I met Grandma and Grandpa at the zoo. It was a great day for the zoo. The weather was nice and it was not very crowded at all. Now that school is in session there are a lot fewer visitors to the zoo during the week.

Jack had a snack while we waited to meet Grandma and Grandpa at the entrance. It turns out they got there before us and were waiting just inside.Of course we rode the train.

On Saturday, we headed to St. Clair, MO to a party on farm owned by one of Jim's colleagues. Rain poured down on us as we drove out there (over an hour away) and we wondered if we were crazy to even go. Shortly after we arrived, the sky cleared and we had a beautiful day. We had so much fun. Jack's favorite part was riding a horse. He went on a few horseback rides, as Jim walked along beside him.
Jack waited patiently in line for his turn to ride.
He's riding a horse!!!
After the ride, he got to pet the horse to say "Thank You!" We also went on a hay ride.
Jack is standing in front of the wheel of the tractor that pulled us. When we see a picture of a tractor in his truck books now, he likes to tell us how he rode in a tractor.
We walked down to the river.
Jim and Jack tried to catch a frog.
Then Jim showed Jack how to skip rocks on the water.
Jack enjoyed the s'more Jim roasted on the fire for him.
Shortly after eating s'mores, the rain came again. We helped clean up and then headed home. We made it home in time to go to a friend's house to watch the ND-Purdue football game. ND won! I was actually rooting for Purdue since there were 5 ND fans and 1 Purdue fan at the house. I thought I would make things a little more even (and my brother and sister-in-law did go to Purdue, as well as my good friend Connie).
On Sunday we walked to an art fair after church. We got some bbq from one of the booths and headed to the playground to eat it. A juggler entertained us at the playground for a while.
No trip to the playground would be complete without a ride on the swings!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Weeks Worth of Stuff

After not blogging for over 2 weeks, I have lots of pictures to share. First are pictures from 2 Fridays ago when Jack and I met Margo and Nancy at the Magic House. We had a lot of fun. First Jack played in the sand. Next, he did some sliding.
Then he put on a smock for some water fun.

Lastly, we headed outside for lunch and fun in the outdoor play area. He and Margo play really well together. I think it is because we probably see Margo more than any other friends and so they know each other well.
On Labor Day, we finally got Jim a new bike. He really likes it and has started riding it to work. He even went mountain biking with some friends this past weekend. The weekend before he took Jack for a ride in the trailer.
Jack loves it! He and Daddy both have blue helmets to match Daddy's new blue bike.
Last week, we went to the Powder Valley Nature Center for storytime and a short nature hike. It was fun, but Jack was not interested in following directions.
He's not so sure about that deer's head.
He quickly got over it and put his head inside it.
This past Friday we went back to the Magic House for a members-only morning. Jack got to do some things we rarely do at home because Mommy thinks they are too messy: play with play dough and paint.

On Saturday, we went to the Cardinals-Cubs game with our friends Bill and April. We sat in the third row, just to the right of home plate! We were actually in the third row behind the green seats, but these were the best seats we've ever sat in (and it was for a game against the Cubs)! The weather was perfect and Jack did great. Best of all, we beat the Cubs!

This picture is after the game, but taken right in front of our seats. You can really tell how big my belly is getting in this picture. Only 3.5 weeks until my due date!

Today we went to Suson Park with my neighbor and her grandson and Nancy and Margo. I had never been there before and really liked it. We got to see horses, ponies, cows, roosters, sheep, goats, and some other animals.

The kids really liked playing on this old tractor tire.
Jack showed the others how to jump off it.
Jack and Margo ran down to the end of the horse stable. I think their favorite game is "chase."
We fed the ducks.
After looking at the animals and feeding the ducks, we went to the playground for a picnic lunch and playground fun.
I thought this picture was funny because it looks like he is about to fall off, but he doesn't.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lafayette Square

On Friday, Jack and I went down to Lafayette Square with Grandma and Grandpa. First we explored the park (and I left my camera in the car). We saw swans and ducks. They came up very close to the fence as some children tossed bread at them. We also crossed paths with a turtle on the sidewalk. Jack was able to enjoy some time on the playground before we moved on.

We found a neat restaurant for lunch. We ate outside on the patio, and the weather was perfect.
After lunch, we did a little more walking/exploring.
Jack pointed out the various things that caught his interest.
Here is a picture from Jim's guys' weekend last weekend. On Friday night they went to the Cardinals game. Saturday they floated and camped. He had a fun time. I don't know why he didn't bring Jack (Jack is a "guy" after all)!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Butterfly House and Dress Ups

Yesterday Jack and I met some friends at the Butterfly House. Here Jack was looking at butterflies and the waterfall. Next, we rode the carousel.
Then, we went to the playground for some outdoor fun and a picnic lunch.

Recently Jack has been very interested in wearing items of clothing that belong to Jim and me. Here he is sporting a pair of Jim's shoes.
Another day he put on Daddy's hat and shoes.
This morning, he put on a pair of my sunglasses (upside down).
Million dollar smile: