Saturday, February 27, 2010


I should apologize at the start.  This is a long post with lots of pictures.  That's what happens when you don't update your blog for a couple weeks.

I recently took the boys (Jack and Patrick) on a little road trip.  We left on Thursday (Feb. 11) and went to a small town in central IL to visit my college roommate, Amy, for one night.  I was planning to go back this weekend and take pictures then, but Patrick is sick and Amy had a baby girl yesterday morning (a couple weeks early).  So, we are staying in town this weekend, and I don't have any great pictures from that part of our trip.  Instead, here is a picture of us from college: 

The next day, we drove to Milwaukee to see Aunt Karen, Uncle Lenny, and Colin.  After Jim got off work that day, he and his brother drove up together.  Karen and Lenny have a big party every year.  It is called the WAO - Winter's Almost Over, which is such a joke because winter isn't nearly over in Milwaukee.  People bring their instruments to the party and Karen and Lenny set up mics and stuff and anyone can get up and play music.  It's pretty cool.  Since I don't play or sing, I watch (and take pictures).

Jim and his brother and sister practiced before the party.

Patrick watched.
This is the only picture of Colin from the weekend.  He had eaten a sucker that turned his tongue white!
Jack shoving food (probably a PB&J - his favorite) in his mouth:
Jim gave Jack some lessons on the drums.
Jim and Patrick rested on the couch.
Jim and his siblings practiced (with microphones and amplifiers this time).
Patrick watched (again).
Jack rocked the drums (in a guitar shirt that matches Patrick's shirt).
Notice the tongue.
Jim played the drums a bit at the party.  Notice the tongue.  Like father, like son.
Jim, Paul, and Karen (not pictured here) played a few songs together.  They were great!  Maybe they will be the next VonTrapps!

The next morning Jack got to sing into the microphone with Uncle Paul.  Jack loves to sing "It's Easy" by Weezer.  Too funny!
On Sunday, Jim and Paul drove back to St. Louis and I took Jack and Patrick to see my brother, Patrick, and his wife, Ingrid, and their boys, Ryan, Adam, and Lukas.  Patrick and Ingrid have a solar business that they stayed up late every night working on.  I couldn't stay up as late as they did.  Here is a link to their website.  They have put solar electric panels on their home, as well as many others.
Ryan lounged after getting out of kindergarten.
Adam was all smiles.
Lukas loves the camera.
Patrick represented the STL while we were in Wisconsin.
Jack and Lukas played well together while the older boys were at school.
One day we went to a cool bounce place.  Jack's favorite things were the slides.
Look how big this slide was!
Taking a break...
The "Little Brother."
The "Big Brother" in the Time Out chair.
On our way home from Wisconsin, we stopped in Peoria to visit my friend, Jenni, and her family.  Her son, Julian, shared his toys with Jack.  They decorated eggs and drove them around in these little cars and trains.
We finally came back home on the 19th. 

Jack decided to check out Patrick's "Bumbo" chair.
Last Saturday was nice out, so we got to spend a little time outdoors.

Saturday night we went to a party at Gymboree.
Jack, who doesn't nap anymore, did something he hasn't done in months.  He fell asleep in the car on the way there.  I let him sleep for about 30 minutes, and then woke him because he had already missed half the party.  Waking a tired toddler leads to tantrums.
Patrick enjoyed watching the other kids.
My friend Kathleen raised the roof.  You're welcome for including this picture, Kathleen!
On the way home, we stopped by our friends' house.  Jeff got a new 12 string guitar that Jim just had to see and try out.
Apparently you can never have too many guitars.

Idania played with Patrick while Jim and Jeff played with the guitars.
When we got home, Jack decided he would like to use Patrick's pacifier.
Patrick just thought that was silly!
Last Saturday was nice, but then it got cold again.  We went on a short walk yesterday, but not before getting bundled up!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creative Kiddo

We have been doing a lot of indoor activities lately since it has been so cold outside. The other day Jack was painting at the dining room table when Patrick woke up from his nap. After getting Patrick and changing him, I came downstairs to see this: Apparently Jack thought it would be a good idea to paint his face too! I laughed and told him to go look at it in the mirror. After seeing it, he said, "Wipe it off, Mommy!" I guess he didn't like the way it looked!
Last Friday we "skyped" with Uncle David and Aunt Melanie, who are in Australia! It was neat to be able to see them while we talked to them.
Yesterday I took some pictures of my cuties!

Jack has been playing with his blocks a lot lately. Jim and I are quite impressed with what he builds.
This is a train.
More of the train...

Patrick watched Jack build for a bit.

Jack thought Patrick would look good with a block on his head.

Patrick shook it off.