Thursday, July 29, 2010

We love babies!

On Tuesday night, we met our friends Katie and John's new baby, Lauren.  She is a cutie and big brother Ben has been great!
On Wednesday, I went to lunch with some friends.  Patrick was lucky enough to hang out with two of his favorite ladies, Lucy and Eden.

"What's that in my ear?  Eden's finger?"
"Hmmm...maybe I should put my finger in someone's ear."
"This isn't as fun as I thought it might be."
Here are a couple of pictures of Jack from today:

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last weekend, my brother Patrick and sister-in-law Ingrid brought their three boys to town to spend the week with Nana and Papa.  We have had a blast (and I am sure Patrick and Ingrid enjoyed their kid-free week, too)!  Jack and Patrick really enjoyed playing with their cousins!

One of my favorite parts of the week was when Ryan read a book to us.  It's amazing how much he learned in kindergarten!
We played in our little pool in the backyard.
My neighbor brought over a bigger pool for the boys.
On Wednesday our friend Gia met us at Grant's Farm.
"C'mon Jack!  Let's go ride the tram!"
At first, Jack enjoyed feeding the goats.
After the goats started jumping on him trying to get the milk Jack didn't think it was so great.
Nana treated us to snow cones!
Jack and Patrick weren't very interested in snow cones (too cold), so I just took some pictures of them.
Patrick LOVES to watch his big brother!
I decided to get a picture of Nana with her 5 grandsons.  I handed Patrick to her and he immediately spit up all over her.  Luckily she saw the humor in it!
The tram ride:
After Grant's Farm we came back to our house for more swimming!
On Thursday we got pictures of the boys and then went out to lunch.
Adam won this crown for finishing his burger first.
Jack and Lukas gave each other hugs:
On Friday we went to my Godfather's house and swam in his pool.  The slide was quite popular.
Lukas liked to jump into the pool and have Nana catch him.  He didn't really want anyone else to catch him, though.
Patrick watched from the pool deck.
My mom got the boys matching swim trunks.  We told them to make the letter Y for this picture.  Patrick hasn't learned his letters yet.
We went to my cousin's graduation party tonight.  I dressed the boys in the matching outfits I made them (with a lot of help from my mom).  If you can't tell, Jack's shorts match Patrick's outfit.
Adam doesn't like getting his picture taken and makes funny faces when a camera is pointed at him.
We got to see Caeleigh
and Sean.
The End.