Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Series 2011

What an incredible fall this has been for Cardinals fans! As soon as tickets to the World Series went on sale (while the Cards were still battling it out with the Brewers), I went online and bought a pair. I picked game six thinking it had the potential to be a clincher. The Rangers could have clinched it on any number of occasions that night, but the Cards forged that incredible comeback to force a game 7. It was an amazing game to witness. We saw Rangers fans go from euphoric to dejected, we saw Cards fans leave early (we even saw some leave early twice), but most importantly we saw one of the most amazing Cardinals World Series wins ever.
We met up with Jason and Jim at Paddy O's before the game.

 Molly's friend Connie and her husband came in from Arizona for games six and seven.
The view from our seats:
We won!!!!!!
Jim also got to go to game seven! Here is Albert's last at bat.
Thanks David for inviting Jim to game seven! What an amazing World Series! 

We went downtown today for the World Series Parade.
We met up with several friends to celebrate together.
The kids ran around and played ball while waiting for the parade to start.

Hopefully these friends will get to come to many more Cardinals World Series parades in their lifetime.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Patrick's Birthday Weekend

With Patrick's birthday, the World Series, and Halloween activities in the past couple weeks, I have lots of pictures to share.  This post will concentrate on pictures from Patrick's birthday last weekend.  He turned 2 last Friday.  Jack's friend from preschool, Allison, also had a birthday that day.  So, after preschool we went to a playground to celebrate Allison's birthday (which was exactly how Patrick wanted to spend his birthday, too).

The birthday boy:
The birthday girl:
Another mom held Charlie so I could push Patrick on the swings.
Jack and his preschool friends enjoyed playing on this tree stump.  Who needs a playground when you have a tree stump?
That night, we met friends for Boo at the Zoo.  It was our friend Elizabeth's birthday, too.  She and Patrick celebrated together with the animals.

James the train and our little giraffe:
Charlie was snug and warm.  We aren't going to dress him up this Halloween.  He will wear a pumpkin hat, though (not pictured).

On Saturday, we went to a Halloween party.
More cupcakes!
Charlie missed out on the dancing.
Jim and Jack listened to the singer/storyteller.
There was a balloon artist at the party.  Jack asked for a pumpkin balloon.
Patrick, who loves all things balls these days, got this cool balloon.  He was able to hit the balloon baseball with his balloon bat.  It was very cool! 

On Sunday, we had the family over for a birthday party.

The weather was nice enough that we opened presents and had cake and ice cream outside.  Patrick was not interested in opening any more presents after getting a soccer ball.  This boy loves balls!

 We finally let him go play with the soccer ball and opened the rest of the presents the next day.
 Here is the awesome cake Grandma made!

Make a wish:

Monday, October 24, 2011

World Series, Game 2

In honor of the Cardinals making it to the World Series, I took some pictures of the boys in the Cardinals gear.  Jack and Patrick were giving Charlie kisses.

Charlie was upset he didn't get to go to game 2 with me.
I had told my friend Kathryn, who lives in Denver, that she should come in for a Cardinals playoff game.  She said she would come in if they made it to the World Series.  True to her word, Kathryn flew in last Thursday to go to the game.  She treated Janie and me to tickets to go with her!  On Friday, she was on a plane back to Denver.  It was a short visit, and we didn't get to see a winner, but we had lots of fun nonetheless. 

We sat in Big Mac Land.
The crowd was very excited!

Jim and I have tickets to game 6 on Wednesday. Let's hope we win!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trains, bikes, water, and NLCS

A little over a week ago, we visited the Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad.  We were able to go on a scenic 2-mile steam train ride along the Meramec River.  Nana came with us this year.
While we waited in the long line (they said it was possibly a record-breaking day), the boys played on this bike rack.

Waving to the train:

Riding the train:
Jack was very excited!

Brotherly love:

It doesn't seem to matter what time Patrick goes to bed at night, he is up by 6:30 or so in the morning (and sometimes earlier).  After a particularly late night, Patrick was exhausted by lunchtime.  He fell asleep mid-meal!
We've had a nice October.  The boys have been able to spend a lot of time outside.  Here are some pictures of Jack riding his bike up and down our street while Patrick napped.  Luckily we live on a short block, so I can sit on our front porch and see Jack the entire time, while I listen for Patrick to wake.

An attempted picture with the camera's timer (it looks like a lot of pictures my Grandma used to take):
Jack's funny faces:

Daddy and Charlie watching the Cardinals in the NLCS:
Last Thursday, I braved the Magic House with all three boys by myself.  We had a good time!  I only got the camera out at the water table, which is one of Jack's and Patrick's favorite places.

That night, Jim and I took Charlie to the NLCS game at Busch Stadium.  We took a family picture in our Cardinals gear in my parents' backyard before we left.

We met up with our friends Jim and Carol at the game.  The Jims have been friends since kindergarten!

Let's hope the Cardinals can continue their winning in the World Series.  I am excited to be going to game 2 on Thursday night with my good friends Kathryn and Janie!