Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jack's Birthday Party

We had the family over to celebrate Jack's birthday on April 1.  It was beautiful (a little hot, actually) outside so we were able to celebrate on my parents' deck.

The blue-layered cake:
This guy didn't get any cake:
Neither did this guy (Colleen's son Ryan):
Jack and his cousins played a game with his new soccer goal, new bases, and a soccer ball.

 Katie threw the ol' pigskin.  Well, not quite pigskin, but a football.
 Can Bridget catch it?
 Yes, she can!
 More base-running:

In addition to elements of baseball, soccer, and football, Patrick played with a tennis ball.  It was a sporty party for our 5 year old!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zoo with Floridians

Our friends (who used to live next door) were in town from Florida at the end of March.  We met up at one of our favorite places, the zoo, for a playdate one day.  Jack was at preschool, so I just had Patrick and Charlie.

Patrick was interested in some animal x-rays at the Children's Zoo.
Patrick and Isaac shared a snack while they waited for their buddy Tess.

As the boys were snacking, a chicken (hen?) walked by.