Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best Zoo Trip Ever.

After Christmas, we were treated to the best zoo trip ever.  My friend Connie was in town with her daughter Alexa.  In November, Connie's 5-month-old son Grant lost his battle with brain cancer.  Giraffes have become Granty's mascot and I feel like I see them everywhere now.  Connie's cousin arranged for us to have our own private tour of the St. Louis Zoo, including a chance to feed the giraffes!  Jack and Patrick were so excited to join Alexa on this fun adventure!
We held bamboo up for the giraffes to eat.  They pulled so hard, it was difficult to keep the bamboo in your hand at times.

They are so big!
Hello there...
Our trip included a tour of the zoo grounds on an official zoo golf cart.
We encountered this alpaca, who was quite happy to see Alexa.

 The kids were given plush giraffe toys and Connie and I were given pink giraffe hats.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


We actually had a nice holiday season this year.  It was not too hectic.  Some days leading up to Christmas were quite relaxing and we spent time playing at home.  One day, Patrick used all the colorful blocks to build this:
We met friends at the train station to see Santa Claus one night. 

We chose a Christmas tree together one Saturday afternoon.  We got it home, Jim put the lights on it, and the kids helped decorate it.  Then, it fell over.  Oops.  Luckily, we were able to pick it back up and put it back in the tree stand (more securely this time).  It didn't fall again!

I took Patrick and Charlie to see Santa at the Oakland House one day while Jack was at school.  The Oakland House has become a yearly tradition for us.  We listen to a story and watch a puppet show.  Then, we visit with Santa.  Finally, we get a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie from Mrs. Claus.  Yum!  Both times Patrick sat on Santa's lap this year, he told Santa he wanted a cookie for Christmas, and both times he received a cookie after sitting on Santa's lap.  Patrick also received 3 cookies from Santa on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was fun!  Jack woke up first and came into our bed for a while.  Jim eventually took Jack downstairs to watch some t.v. while his younger brothers and I slept.  When Patrick and Charlie (finally) woke up, the real fun began!  The boys were excited to see their presents.  Jack asked for a bridge for his Lionel train set, and got it!  Patrick asked for a cookie, and got it!  Charlie wasn't really interested in presents and ended up opening most of them in the days that followed.
Jim playing with one of the kid's dart guns:

Later in the morning, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for brunch.
 The boys were excited, as always, to see their cousins.

 Christmas 2012

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thanksgiving and Cecilia's Baptism

Yes, it is February and I am just now posting Thanksgiving pictures.  There are also pictures from Cecilia's Baptism, which was Thanksgiving weekend.  I figured I needed to post them before their second child is Baptized.  Yep!  David and Melanie are expecting baby # 2!!!!

We went to Jim's parents' house for brunch on Thanksgiving morning.  Jim's sister and her family came in town, so were were able to get a family picture with everyone!
Me with my awesome mother-in-law:
Jim with his parents and siblings:
The grandkids:
Our boys LOVE spending time with their cousins!
In the evening, we went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner.  David, Melanie, and Cecilia were there!
It was not as easy to get a picture of all these grandkids.  Attempt #1:
Attempt #2:
Attempt #3 (and the best, I think).  They are wearing shirts with the number they are in the grandchild order, color-coded by family.
Attempt #4:
On Sunday, Cecilia was Baptized.  I was honored to be her Godmother.  My mom made her Baptismal gown.  
Cecilia did not want to sit in the pew during the Baptism.  She wanted to be up front with the priest.
Fr. Bill called all the kids up to help bless the water.

The whole clan: