Monday, April 29, 2013

Magic House

Here are some pictures from two visits to the Magic House in February.  Charlie's favorite spot is the light switches.  They have several different types of switches on the wall, with lights above them.  He loves to turn them on and off.

Patrick is getting ready for Michigan at the sand table.
Charlie is not yet 16, but loves to drive.
Patrick likes to be behind the wheel, too!
And we're back to the light switches...

They have a cool, jumbo light bright for the kids.

I love it when they share...
Charlie isn't tall enough to put the balls down the tunnels, but he enjoys taking them out of the bottom.
Big brother Patrick can help with putting the balls down the tunnels.
Our little angel looks a little mischievous here. 
We came back to the Magic House later that week, and this time Jack got to come with us!
Is it okay if I put this rock in my mouth, Mom?
There is a Magic School Bus exhibit at the Magic House.  The kids were excited to meet the characters.

Jack is practicing to be a meteorologist.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pere Marquette

At the end of January, Jim had a day off work and we took Patrick and Charlie to Pere Marquette for the day.  We borrowed some binoculars and a telescope from Grandma to see the eagles, but only saw one.  It was cold, but not too bad so we were able to stop at a playground along the way.

 The kids enjoyed playing on the life-sized chessboard.

When Jack saw the pictures, he was disappointed he didn't get to go with us.  I told him we would go again with him someday.