Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To the Zoo

In April, we met some friends for a morning at the Zoo.  The first thing we did was ride the carousel, since it is free the first hour the zoo is open.

Charlie opted for a nap in the stroller instead of a ride on the carousel.
Next, we went to the Children's Zoo (admission is also free the first hour) and got to see lots of animals up close, including this snake.
Some guinea pigs were soft to touch.
The iguana was scaly.
No trip to the zoo is complete without a ride on the train.  Such serious passengers:

Friday, June 21, 2013


I was in the next room folding laundry when I heard Jack say, "I can't wait until we trap Charlie."  

I loudly said, "NO!"  I am not sure exactly what he means by "trap" but I figure it can't be good, and Charlie will definitely not like it.

Patrick responds, "Mom!  Just don't listen!"

picture from Jack's camera

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nana's Retirement Surprise Assembly

After many years spent teaching high school P.E., my mom retired this year.  Her school surprised her and another veteran teacher with an all-school assembly to honor them and their many years of service.  In addition to the surprise of the assembly, they were surprised to see many family and friends had come, too.

They had "thrones" and tiaras for each of the retirees.

Many people came up to give speeches.  The Dean came onto stage wearing a wig, backpack and helmet, riding a bicycle (my mom often rides her bike to work).  He gave a hilarious speech that had everyone laughing.
My Dad was laughing so hard he was crying!
Annie, who my mom worked with for many years and adores, gave a nice (and also funny) speech.

There were more speeches and more gifts...
The school is even naming the tennis courts after my mom!
All the teachers were wearing m&m shirts, in honor of the retirees - Maria and Mary.
It was an emotional day.
The faculty gave a blessing over Mary and Maria.
Afterwards, there was a really nice reception.  The boys got to hug their Nana and tell her how much they are looking forward to her retirement.

Happy Retirement, Mom!  You deserve it!

When I was putting Patrick down for his nap just now, he told me, 
"Mom, I love you from the ceiling of the sky to the sewers." 
 Awww....too sweet. 
picture from our recent trip to Michigan

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Half Marathon

In early April, Jim and I ran our first half marathon.  We had a fabulous weekend filled with lots of friends and activities, and barely any picture-taking by me.  The picture of Chris and Kathryn in front of the Arch is one of the only pictures I have from the weekend.  Luckily, I can share a few from other people's iPhones.

The weekend started off Friday night when my good friend from high school, Kathryn, and her friend Chris flew in from Denver. Somehow we thought it was a good idea to try on some wigs I had borrowed from my friend Sara.

On Saturday morning, we went downtown to pick up our race packets.  Then, we went to the Arch.  By the time we got through the line to get into the Arch, I had to leave.  Kathryn and Chris stayed and were joined by their other friend Chris who had driven straight to the Arch on her way in town.
On Saturday night, we had about twenty people over to our house for a lasagna dinner.  It was fun to catch up with everyone.  Bright and early on Sunday morning, we went downtown for the race.  Here is a pre-race picture (back row: Chris, Jim; front row: Chris, Molly, Kathryn, Connie).  Kathryn, Chris, and Chris came in from Denver and Connie came in from AZ for the race

The starting line:
The last mile of the race:
A group of girls from my high school, post-race:
 Our running crew:


A couple weeks before Easter, I took Patrick and Charlie to meet the Easter Bunny while Jack was at school.  Charlie was less than thrilled to sit on his lap.
Patrick didn't mind at all.
The kids also got to hear a story, watch a puppet show, pet a real bunny, make a bunny bag, and get candy.  All in all, I'd say it was a good outing.  
On Easter morning, the kids found the many candy-filled eggs the Easter Bunny hid for them.

Let's see those cheesy smiles.
We had brunch at Grandma and Grandpa's, where the kids searched for money-filled eggs.  After naps, we went to Nana and Papa's for dinner.  It was a great day, filled with lots of family time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jack's Birthday

Jack had a pretty good birthday this year.  His school allows students to dress out on their birthday, so he didn't have to wear his uniform.  He enjoyed a muffin with a "6" candle with his breakfast.
After school, we went to the Magic House.  Jack wore the birthday crown his teacher gave him.

Charlie is getting ready to cross the narrow bridge.
So excited!
Patrick and Jack watching Jack's favorite exhibit.

After the Magic House, we went to Jack's favorite place for dinner.

Back home, Jack waited patiently for a birthday cupcake.
Angry birds, of course.

That weekend, we had the family over to celebrate Jack's birthday.
He received lots of cool gifts!
His Angry Bird birthday cake: