Monday, March 30, 2015

Fall, Part 1

With Fall comes soccer.
Jack's team had another fun season.  Here is Jack celebrating with a teammate after their team scored.
Jim and I became Godparents in October!
Jim ran his first marathon and I ran my second half marathon in October.  My parents brought the boys down to watch the race while my friend Sue watched Maggie.
We both met our goals (Jim's was to finish in under 4 hours and mine was to finish in under 2 hours)!
On Patrick's birthday we made our annual trip to Thies Farm for Pumpkinland!
It is very difficult to ever say "No" to this adorable little man.
Maggie's first visit to Pumpkinland.
Look at all those missing teeth!
The happy 5 year old!

The zip-line is always fun. Charlie didn't seem to love it so he went with Jim and I after this ride.

We enjoyed the hayride, too!

How Tall This Fall?
After Pumpkinland, we went out to dinner to celebrate the birthday boy.

Later that week, we had a few friends over to celebrate his birthday.  The weather was kind enough to cooperate.
Our whole family participated in a neighborhood race one weekend.  Jim pushed the double stroller and ran with Jack and Patrick in the 1 mile race and I ran the 5 mile race.  I'm not sure who got the better workout!
Turning the final corner...

 The boys made signs and cheered me on as I ran!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Feels Like Spring!

It's March 11 and we have finally had some nice weather!  Jack helped Jim grill dinner tonight.  While the grill was heating and the food was cooking, the boys went to the neighbor's house to swing.
Charlie looked cool in his shades.
It was so great last Fall when Patrick learned to pump!
Jack had fun jumping off the swings.

Maggie stuck by her Daddy.
I took a video of Maggie walking, but had trouble uploading it to the blog. A picture will have to do for now.
She is such a happy girl! Look at all her teeth!
Charlie likes to call her "Mags."
Charlie is a pretty happy guy, too!

I wanted a picture of me and Jim, but these guys jumped in to photo bomb!

I will post more pictures from last fall and the winter, but wanted to post some current ones first.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Charlie's Birthday and Jambeque

In September we celebrated Charlie's third birthday and the Jambeque.  Here is the cake I made for Charlie's birthday:

The Jambeque was at Jeff's house this year.

Jim's sister (on right) came in from Wisconsin for the party!
Jim's brother and his wife:
Me and my rock star husband: