Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jack's 8th Birthday

Our big kid turned eight this year!  He had the traditional donut for breakfast and then got to dress out for school.  After baseball practice, we had dinner, cookie cake, and opened presents.
On the weekend we had the family over to celebrate.  I surprised Jack with this Minecraft cake.

Here he is wearing his Minecraft shirt, looking at the Minecraft Legos Auntie Kathleen and Uncle Michael gave him, getting ready to have the Minecraft cake.  It was a Minecraft birthday!
We love this 8 year old to the moon and back!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spring Break

For the kids' spring break, we drove to Florida.  We spent the first four nights at a condo in Jupiter.  It was so great to put on shorts!
We met my college roommate's friend and her four girls one night.  The kids ate sandwiches and then played on the beach.  They all played really well together and created a stream from the faucet to the ocean.  Across the water from us is Jupiter Island.
Maggie had fun practicing her newly-acquired skill of walking!

I'm not sure what preceeded this picture to cause him to give me this look...
So proud of their hard work!
All eight of the kids.  It's not often our boys are outnumbered by girls!
On Monday morning, we went to Roger Dean Stadium, where the Cardinals play during spring training.  We were several hours early for the game, so we got to watch them practice.
Jack made a sign to cheer them on!
 We were pretty close to Mike Matheny, John Mozeliak, and that other guy.  ;)   I'm sure Jim probably knows who he is.

Wain-o was nearby, too.
We tried to get a family picture after the game, but not many wanted to cooperate.  This is kind of a theme throughout the trip.

The condo we rented had two big bathtubs.  Maggie got one.
The rowdy boys got the other.
Jack lost a tooth while we were there.  Luckily, the tooth fairy was able to find him!
The next day was St. Patrick's Day and we went back for more practice, and then the game.  The kids wore their Irish STL shirts.
Before the game, we ventured to the back fields to see one of my former students who played on a Cardinals minor league team.  He gave balls to our kids.
Ready to catch!

Jack got to sit in a special area with a friend from his class (who happened to be in Florida for spring break, too!).  A lot of the players give autographs to the kids in that area, so Jack had several sign his ball.  He was excited that his favorite player, Yadier Molina, signed it!
Jack and his buddy:
Some more attempted family pictures after the game:
Maggie loved it!

 After Jupiter, we stayed at a hotel in Melbourne, Florida.  The hotel was right on the beach and had a nice pool as well.  Our suite even had bunk beds for the kids!  Jim's friend lives nearby, which is why we chose the destination.  The kids had fun in the ocean.

Surfer girl!

Our balcony looked out onto the ocean.

Jim's friend Dave (far right) is in a band and we stopped by to see him play at a bar one night.  After one or two songs, we took the kids back to the hotel and then Jim went back out to see the rest of the show.
We planned to go to the Kennedy Space Center.  Unfortunately, the morning we were scheduled to go Patrick felt sick. So, I stayed at the hotel with Patrick and Maggie, and Jim took Jack and Charlie to the space center. 

The boys in front of the space shuttle Atlantis.  It was way too big to fit in one frame.

This is a mobile launch platform.
One of many launch pads they saw.
The Saturn V rocket:
The boys giving two thumbs up to the astronaut.  

We had breakfast with Dave the next day before saying good-bye to the sunshine and sand.

On our way home, we stopped for lunch in Nashville.  We were able to see some live music while we ate!

One last picture in front of a ginormous cowboy boot!
Our final stop on the way home was at a rest stop in Metropolis.  Each child got to be Superman!