Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Michigan, part 2

More beach time!
Maggie thought about taking one of the kayaks for a spin.
 Beachin' it
We definitely missed Jim!  
Patrick is getting ready for Baywatch with his beach running.

His mom is so funny!

The view from the sand dunes behind the cottages.  Awesome.  My happy place.
When Maggie woke up super early one morning, she and I went out to breakfast.  What a fun way to start the morning!
Skyping with Daddy is a treat for all!

Uncle Bob and Jack are in those kayaks waaaayyyyy out there!
Patrick, hanging out with the twenty-somethings...

 The kids love to do "Round and Round the Garden" with Nana.

Maggie was lucky to get lots of attention from Papa and Nana on the trip.
My Dad convinced my Mom to go for a dip.  They were supposed to go under on the count of three.  My Dad did, but my Mom did not.  You can see her laughing about it below.
Eventually she did go under.
We were so glad to spend time with this Californian.  

It was also nice to spend time with my cousin before he began his adventure with JVC in South Dakota!
The best vacations include s'mores!