Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Joke

We have lost about 6 months worth of pictures.  Hopefully we will be able to recover them and I can update the blog with the last few months' pictures.  If not, I'll just start with the current ones. In the meantime, please enjoy Charlie's Halloween joke.  He is seen telling it to Maggie in the car on the way home from the pumpkin farm.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Summer Sports

Jack and Patrick both swam on the swim team this past summer.  Patrick started on the "junior" team and was swimming in meets by the end of the season.  Both boys even swam in the conference meet!

Patrick is getting ready to jump off the blocks for his freestyle race.

Jack is on the blocks and ready.
Jack and his friends had fun goofing off between races.

Jack and Patrick also played baseball this spring/summer.

The team was celebrating after a win!
Jim played softball in a church league.
 Maggie loves to attempt to ride a bike.  She wants to do everything her big brothers do.

Charlie got to jump off the diving board at my friend's house.  He is starting to swim without a floatie.