Friday, April 21, 2017

November 2016

Our biggest event in November was our trip to Hawaii for Jim's 40th birthday (which I blogged about months ago).  At the end of November, we went on our annual "glamping" weekend to the cabins with three other families.  It was chilly, but fun.  We kicked Saturday off with our usual hike.
Patrick brought his ND football along.

Jack documented the hike in his notebook.
We get the kids matching pajamas each year.
The adults got matching pajamas this year, too!

On Thanksgiving morning, Jim ran a race. 

 The kids and I walked to the corner to watch.

 They were excited to see him and give him five!
 I didn't take many other pictures Thanksgiving weekend.  Here is Rory in our play house.
 Jack loves playing with his cousin Lukas.
 Me with 2 of my sisters-in-law.
We took a family picture in our matching jammies for our Christmas card!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

October 2016

It was a busy end of October.  It has become our yearly tradition to go to the pumpkin patch on Patrick's birthday, and then out to dinner to celebrate.  We were excited to have Rory join us this year, as well as Patrick's good friend Luke.
Our brave explorer:
Rory was dressed for the cold!
Our 7-year-old!

Even Nana likes the slide.
It was awesome to see Rachel!  She is currently traveling the world and we look forward to hearing about her adventures.
Aunt Sue is always a favorite!

I'll have to look back at previous years to see if we are any taller this fall.
The zipline rocks!

We had the family over another night to celebrate.

Maggie and I went up to school for the Halloween Parade.  We found our favorite skeleton.
Maggie had the best seat in the house on Aunt Margaret's lap.
Tigger, aka Charlie, is on the right side.

My parents took Jack to Wisconsin to see his cousins for the long weekend.  We had a free Saturday so I took the kids to the bank opening to see Fredbird.
I wonder what kind of loan Fredbird is requesting.
They also had inflatables outside!

Next, we went to the History Museum for their new Toy exhibit.

Charlie could have looked at the Legos all day.

 The train display was cool, too.
Our kids got to play with many toys we played with as children.

When we got home, Grandpa came over and gave Patrick a lesson on cutting logs.
We had several opportunities to wear our Halloween costumes: Halloween Parade at school, Trunk or Treat, local town Halloween parade, Halloween parade in a friend's neighborhood, and Halloween night.  It's currently April and we still have Halloween candy.
We managed to fit a hike with friends into the long weekend.

Fr. Tim gave me a ride on the back of his bicycle to the start of his neighborhood Halloween parade.

My favorite cowboy.
Soccer was played.

Jack came back on Halloween and put on his storm trooper costume in time to Trick or Treat.