Sunday, June 18, 2017

February 2017

February was a mild-weather month for us this year, which meant lots of opportunities to play outside.
There was plenty of indoor fun, too.  Charlie was trying not to smile for me in this picture.
I was able to coax a little smile from him!
And a smile from this cutie who is still in her pjs.
Maggie loves to ride her rock, roll, and ride bike!  It was a little chilly (it was February after all) and so she decided to wear her big brother's Spider-Man sweatshirt.

We went up to Milwaukee for Jim's sister's annual WAO (Winter's Almost Over) Party.  Everyone had a fun time.  The boys love to see their big cousin Colin!
Me with my sisters-in-law!  Karen did my hair and I love it!
Our nieces came to the party, too.
The siblings:
It's not a kid party, so we put a movie on in the basement for our kids and then they sleep down there.  Jack snuck upstairs after the movie and got a quick snuggle from his cousin Mimi!
My high school friend and her husband who now live in Milwaukee came to the party.
Karen played this cool cigar box guitar that her friend made for her.
Me and my rock star husband!
Another nice day.  Another ride on her bike.  Another cool outfit.  While it didn't snow much this winter, Maggie sure did get a lot of use out of the snow boots that were handed down to her!
Aunt Sue met us for a hike one warm, February day.  The kids wore their cool shirts from their aunt and uncle in Australia.

Jim had a day off and it was really nice out (are you noticing a pattern)?  We put Charlie and Maggie in the bike trailer and went for a ride.  When we stopped at a playground, Jim did some push-ups.  This is not unusual for him these days (he does them any chance he gets), but it still cracks me up.
Both Charlie and Maggie really liked the zipline.
I caught Jim doing pull-ups on this bar.  He is laughing at me taking his picture and I just love his smile!

At the end of the month, Jim and I went to a "Where'd You Go to High School Party."  I borrowed a uniform from the lost and found at my high school and Jim wore his old sweatshirt and letter jacket from his high school. It was so fun!

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