Tuesday, June 13, 2017

January 2017

We did not get much snow at all this winter.  When we got a little in early January, you can bet that all four kids were dressed in their snow gear and playing outside!
The next morning, Maggie put her hat and boots on with her pajamas and was ready to go out for more.
I found Maggie listening to music in my bedroom one day.  I guess it wasn't loud enough so she put the alarm clock/radio right up to her ear.
We celebrated Maggie's birthday a little early this year so that Nana and Papa could come to her party before they went to Australia and New Zealand for 6 months.  Okay, maybe it was just 6 or 8 weeks, but it sure felt like they were gone 6 months.  Here is the pink "3" cake I made:

Make a wish!

This year is Patrick's first year in Scouts.  He and Jim built a Pinewood Derby car that brought home 3rd place in his den!
Since the Rams left St. Louis, we have become Packers fans.  Patrick wanted a Packers car.
Jack's car is designed like X-Box.

Not only did Jack get first place for fastest car in grades 2-4, but first place overall at the Pinewood Derby!

It was an exciting day!  Both boys were able to compete at the regional competition in February.  They did not bring home any trophies from that, but had a good time.

Maggie was proud of her big brothers.
Patrick made his car balance on his trophy and wanted me to get a picture of it.
We went to an ice skating party for their second cousin Sean.  We rarely skate, but everyone had fun!

One morning I came downstairs and saw this.  Apparently Maggie didn't want to wait for anyone to help her get a bowl for her cereal.
On Maggie's actual birthday, she and Charlie helped me make a cookie cake.

Jim and I enjoyed an evening out at one of his work events.  The venue has a really cool rooftop!

At the end of January, Jim competed in the "Nippy Niner" trail race.  He took first place in his age group in the nine mile race!
Patrick enjoyed his second year of basketball this winter.

Jack also played basketball this winter.  He has shown a lot of improvement!  Here he is making a free throw.
Look how high he is jumping to block the ball!
That's Jack jumping again to block another ball.

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