Monday, September 4, 2017

April 2017

Due to a minor accident in March (my camera falling out of the car multiple times on our trip to Houston), I got a new lens in April.  It's pretty sweet!  I took a few practice pics when it arrived...
This is the first lens I've been able to take a selfie with!
Maggie and I went to the Science Center one day while the brothers were at school.  She made a dinosaur mask.
She liked this cool music exhibit.
On a day when Charlie was off, we explored the zoo with a friend.  No, it was not raining, but this was the outfit Maggie chose and it was not a battle I was going to fight.
My cousin Rachel surprised her parents by coming to the states for a brief visit in April.  We were lucky to have them stop by our place on a warm April day.
It was so warm that the kids asked to play with water.

Jim is wearing the shirt I gave him for Christmas.
Despite the warm temperatures, it was still chilly when wet.
We took the kids to Castlewood one day.  How much longer will they all fit on this swing?
I love these shirts from their Aussie aunt, uncle, and cousins!
We dyed Easter eggs the day before Easter.  
Here's what Easter morning looks like at our house.  Most kids are in some sort of Christmas pajamas.

Our first stop after church was brunch at Jim's brother's house.
The whole family was there!

Our beautiful nieces
The boys tried skateboarding.

Next, we went to my parents' house.
It was the perfect day for playing outside!

We look forward to meeting a new niece in the Fall!
I probably just told a really funny joke!

We then made a stop at Uncle Matt and Aunt Sue's before going home.  The kids were tossing popcorn up and catching it in their mouths.

Rachel showed Jack the game Settlers.  He is eager to play.
A limbo game was played with bamboo.
Maggie LOVES to be read a book.
So happy to see Rachel again before she continues her world adventure!

The only thing that would make this picture better is if Mark were in it.
We had an extra long Easter break this year and decided to take the kids to Johnson's Shut-Ins for a couple nights.  We met some friends at Elephant Rocks for the day on our way there.
Such strong boys!

Maggie is much stronger than she appears.
We couldn't go down to the Shut-Ins, but we enjoyed the view on our hike.

It is so beautiful!

There was a lot of jumping between rocks.

We found a turtle!

This butterfly would not leave Jim alone!
Goofing off in the cabin.
We went on a shorter hike the next day.

This blue-bellied lizard intrigued us.
I got to spend some time with my high school friends in April.  
This is the outfit Charlie chose before walking his older brothers to school one morning.
The end of April always brings the Spring Festival.  It also always brings rain.  We were able to have a lot of fun before the storms shut things down early.

Unfortunately, Jim and these guys were supposed to play at the festival and didn't because it closed early.  We went over to one of the band member's basement for a private show.

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