Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend at Notre Dame

We went to Notre Dame last Fall for the ND vs. Miami (Ohio) football game.  We went with friends who went to Miami, so that was a lot of fun.  When we arrived Friday, we went to a pep rally.
Charlie was clearly excited!
He was cheering with the rest of the crowd.
It was fun to see the Gold Gang.
Then, we explored campus a bit.

The kids rubbed Knute Rockne's nose.
We saw where Jim lived for (the best) four years of his life.
The next day we toured more of campus before the game.  The Basilica is beautiful!

We made a quick trip to the Grotto.

The practice field was a hit for everyone!

We enjoyed trying out the Lime Bikes on campus.
We watched the parade into the stadium.
While everyone else went to the game, Maggie and I went back to the hotel to swim, go out to dinner, and go to bed early.  It was a great day!

Jambeque 2017

Jambeque 2017 was a success!  The crowd was large, the temperature was good, and the music rocked!

A view from above:

A view from the stage:

At the end of the night, Jack played the piano and entertained us all.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Charlie's Golden Birthday

Charlie's golden birthday (6th on the 6th) started out the way all birthdays start in our house - with a trip to get donuts.
After school, we celebrated with friends with a cookie cake at a nearby park.
That weekend we had the family over to celebrate.

The Darth Vader mask was definitely a favorite gift.
One benefit of updating the blog 8 months later is that I can say that he liked this gift a lot because he wore this shirt A LOT this winter!
I put gold sprinkles on the "6" cake for his golden birthday.  It didn't look as neat as I had hoped it would.  Nonetheless, he was happy!

Labor Day Weekend 2017

Maggie was asked to be the flower girl in a wedding in Denver over Labor Day weekend.  So, while the girls went to Denver, the boys went to Kansas City for a guys' weekend! They enjoyed Irish Fest!
They met up with my cousin's husband and their boys, who were in town for their sister's Irish dance competition.

Thumbs down for the picture of the Royals World Series celebration.

They also visited Legoland!

Maggie and I stayed with my friend Kitty and her husband Keith in Denver.  Maggie had a good time playing with their dogs.  Here she is shining a laser pointer for the dogs to chase.
After the rehearsal on Saturday morning, we stopped by a bar where others were going to watch the Mizzou game.  Maggie got a small pretzel.
Later, we met up with the bridal party to get our nails done.
Unsurprisingly, Maggie chose pink.
All dressed up and ready for the rehearsal dinner.
The groom is the son of my Godfather, so I got to spend some time with my awesome Godfather over the weekend.
On Sunday morning (the wedding was Sunday evening), we went on a hike with Kitty and my parents.

Maggie only made my heart beat a little faster when she thought it was a good idea to jump from one big, sharp rock to the next.

Maggie made some funny faces while looking at herself in the mirror before the ceremony.
She is all ready!
She looked stunning and loved her beautiful dress.

The heart necklace was a gift from the bride and groom.


The wedding and reception were at a museum.  We could look at the exhibits during the reception.  So fun!

It was a really great weekend!