Sunday, February 4, 2018

July 2017, part 2 - Colorado

In July, we went on another epic trip out west.  We met Jim at work on a Friday and drove west from there.
Our plan was to stop somewhere along the way (final destination was Dillon, Colorado).  As we were in the middle of Kansas we thought about what stopping at a hotel would be like.  Six people.  Five bikes on the back that would need to be brought in the room with us.  Unloading sleeping kids.  Trying to get to sleep with 6 people in a room.  Waking up early after little sleep and getting on the road again.  Jim and I made the decision to drive all the way to Denver.  We called my good friend Kitty to see if we could crash at her place and she said yes.  So, we got gas and I got an iced coffee and we continued our drive.  Maggie was not so happy.
We arrived in Denver around 4:00 in the morning (5:00 our time).  Kitty and Keith were so generous and gave us their bed and their guest bed and we all got some sleep.
Since we drove extra on Friday, we had all day Saturday to hang out with Kitty and Keith before our check-in time in Dillon on Saturday afternoon.  We went to Golden to explore (since it was on our way to Dillon).
We saw lots of people tubing and it looked so fun!
We stopped at the Golden City Brewery for refreshments.

In the afternoon we met everyone at the house in Dillon that my parents rented for the week.  All 20 of us stayed there!  Here the youngest three cousins spend time coloring at the kitchen table.
 One day we rented a bike trailer and our family rode along Lake Dillon.

The scenery was gorgeous!
We found a fun playground along the way.
That's Jim pulling Charlie and Maggie in the trailer by the dam.

We went to Breckenridge one day.  We rode the gondola up to the Epic Discovery Fun Park.
There were tons of fun things to do!  We took chairlifts up to the top to ride the Alpine Slide down.
Patrick and Jack were on the chairlift behind us, and Jim and Maggie were behind them.  You can see the Alpine Slide course below them.

There was also a roller coaster.
The ropes course was fun for the kids.
Maggie is suited and ready for the zipline.

Jack enjoyed the zipline as well.

Melanie and Cece on the Alpine Slide:
Jack coming down the Alpine Slide:
Ryan on the roller coaster:
Uncle Patrick was not a big fan of the roller coaster.  He took one for the team since the little guys were too small to go on their own.  Charlie is loving it!
Safely harnessed on the trampoline:
 It rained while we were at Breckenridge and we were able to get some passes to come back a second day. So, I went back the next day with the boys and Jim and Maggie hung out with some of the others.  They went on a hike.

Kitty and Keith came up and stayed a night with us.  We went on a big hike the next day.

A race to the top!
It wasn't even close for me!

These two 5-year-olds had so much fun together!
Uncle Patrick is so fun!
I'll jump on him again!  I think he likes it!

They are such sweet cousins.
My Aunt Helen, cousins Johnny and Michael, and Michael's girlfriend (now fiancee!) Lara came for a few days.  This crew rented bikes (Jim, Jack, and Patrick used their own) and were dropped off along the Vail Pass to ride 14 miles downhill into Frisco.  They had so much fun!  Maggie and I went shopping with Michael, Kathleen, and Rory.

Partway down the mountain, they stopped at Copper Mountain.  They took the chairlift up and played in the snow.  Jim and David brought their bikes up and rode down the mountain trails.

After hearing about all the fun everyone had the day before, I was bummed I missed it.  My Dad offered to drive Jim, Jack, Patrick, and I up and drop us off so we could ride our bikes down.  He and my Mom kept Charlie and Maggie for the day.  It was very fun!

We stopped at Copperhead as well.  The boys shared this big chair and we ate delicious donuts.
The views were spectacular!
We stopped at this gulch along the way.

We spotted these coyotes outside our house in Dillon.
Tub time!
This was taken outside the house we rented.
My cousin Michael and his fiancee Lara:
Me with my favorite guy!

What an amazing week with family in Colorado!
Next stop...Utah...