Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We went to the zoo yesterday with Jim's friend Robert, who was in town from England. Here is Jack playing in the butterfly exhibit.

Jack crawled through this tunnel and got very dirty.

Despite all of our trips to the zoo, Jack had never been on the Zooline Railroad before. He enjoyed the ride.
Jack was going to ride this giraffe on the carousel, but then the worker told us that it didn't move up and down. So, Jim put him on the next animal over. As the ride was going, I looked up at the name plate above the animal to see that Jim had put Jack on the Somali Wild Ass.
You're never too old to ride a carousel.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Science Center

Since Jim is on vacation, we went to the Science Center today. We had lots of fun in the Discovery Room. This racetrack was Jack's favorite. He thought it was so fun to push the lever and watch the cars race down the hill.
Mom and Jack played some music.
Dad checked out some lice and other bugs in the microscope.
Jack and Daddy played the drum in the tepee.

Jam on the Patio

On Saturday, we had a couple of friends over to play music. I did not play anything, I just enjoyed the tunes. Here is a picture of a couple of the guitars used: Jack played Stairway to Heaven. Jim and Jeff play and sing together:
Jeff and April enjoy the music Bill plays:
Jim, Jeff and Bill:
Bill is intrigued by Jim's mad skills.
Jeff shows off his own skills.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amusement Park

Jack's favorite toy at his cousins' house is probably the vacuum. I would like to say he is so interested in it because he sees Mommy using it all the time, but it's not true. The vacuum is the first thing he plays with each morning when he wakes up. Today, we went to an amusement park in Green Bay. It was great. There is no admission, parking is free, and each ride is either $.25 or $.50.
First, we went on the carousel. Jack rode an antelope. You'll notice all the boys have on the matching green shirts that Nana got them.

The carousel had mostly horses on it, but there was one dog. No other animals had names on them, but this dog was named. Why does everyone have to name their dog "Molly"? Even Jack was upset by this.
Next we rode the train. It went surprisingly fast. Everyone enjoyed it.
Then the boys went on a few more rides. Jack did not want to go on any of them. They were only for little kids so I couldn't ride with him. Here are Ryan and Adam riding planes and shooting each other.
Jack tried this race car ride, but I had the lady stop it because he started crying.
There was a fun playground to play on after lunch. Jack enjoyed crawling through this tunnel.
Jack and I sat on one side of the teeter-totter with Ryan and Adam on the other side.

Nana and I with all her grandchildren. That's the bay behind us.Lastly, we went down this very tall slide. We sat on burlap sacks. I had Jack in my lap (we are on the left) and Nana had Ryan in her lap (they're on the right). It was fast, steep, and fun! After Jack and I rode it twice, I noticed that children under two are not allowed. Oops! Jack loved it! Aunt Ingrid took pictures the first time we went down. The second time, I took the camera with me, pointed it at Jack as best I could, and took a video. It's down below.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun in Wisconsin

We spent the morning playing outside. For some reason, the mailboxes were a hit with Adam and Jack. Adam liked to put rocks in them. Jack would try to sneak past them out into the street.Ryan demonstrates his weed-wacking skills.
Even baby Lukas enjoyed the nice weather.
Go Speed Racer!
After lunch, Nana took Ryan and Adam to the Children's Museum while Jack and Lukas napped. When they came back, Ryan and Adam took naps and I took Jack to the museum. We did tons of fun stuff.
Jack climbed through a tunnel made of nets.
Jack dressed as a firefighter and got to play in a firetruck.

This room was full of trucks. Jack was more interested in picking up the tire chips and trying to eat them.
There was a crane that had a big magnet on the end of it. Jack loved playing with the controls and moving it up and down.

We had a lot of fun on this slide.

Jack loves to "drive."
Jack donned a raincoat and played in the water.
"More water!"

After a long day of playing, Nana read bedtime stories to Ryan and Adam (Jack and Lukas were already sleeping).Here is a funny video of Jack going down the slide. I set up the camera, pushed record, and then had to run to stairs and cross a bridge before Jack tried to walk down the slide.