Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ND, Hall of Fame, Science Center

Last Thursday, we drove to Notre Dame. Jim gave a talk to the Chemical Engineering students on Friday. A drive that normally takes about 6 hours took 9 hours. There was some freezing rain along the way, but the main reason it took so long was we were traveling with 2 kids!The first thing we did on campus on Friday was stop for lunch. Jack took coloring the children's menu very seriously.
Notice his tongue sticking out while he concentrates!
After lunch, we went to the bookstore. The boys and I stayed there and read books while Jim gave his talk. Jim has talked at ND before, and I have gone to the class. We thought it might be a little distracting this time to bring 2 little ones with us.Jim enjoyed being back on his old campus.

We went out to dinner with one of my former cross country runners, Maureen, who is a sophomore at ND, and her boyfriend.
After dinner, we put Jack to bed and then Patrick hung out with us for a bit.

Jim picked up this bottle of beer - Four Horsemen.

Our trip home on Saturday only took about 8 hours. As soon as we got home, I changed clothes and went to my high school for their Hall of Fame ceremony. My good friend, Kathryn, was being inducted into the Hall of Fame (with the rest of her basketball team) for being the first basketball team from IWA to win the State Championship (in 1995). Congratulations, Kathryn!

It was fun to hang out with some other girls from my class.
On Monday, Jack, Patrick and I met Margo and Nancy at the Science Center.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with the new camera

I have had a lot of fun playing around with my new camera lately. I am going to take a photography class that starts tonight. Hopefully I can learn more about the cool things my camera can do!

Patrick is such a good baby! Jack was colicky for his first couple months, but then he was a great baby. Patrick hasn't really been colicky. He smiles a lot for us and is pretty easy going. Cute little toes!

Jack seems to like being a big brother. He frequently wants to give Patrick hugs and kisses, although he is not usually very gentle. Most of the time his intentions are good.

The first thing people comment on when seeing Patrick are his big, blue eyes!

We went to the zoo the other day and I forgot to bring my camera. I took this picture of the boys when we got home. They both have bears on their shirts!

We went to the Magic House last week, too, and had lots of fun.

Margo liked crawling in this tunnel.

Jim and I ordered another lens for the camera and played around with it the other night.

Paint with water...way less messy than real paint!

Look at Patrick just staring at his big brother!

Jim is on vacation. We took the kids to the Whittle Shortline Railroad today. We stopped at the post office on the way. While Jim was inside the post office, I took pictures in the car.

How old are you, Jack?

Right when we got to the store, a train was going by on the tracks outside!

Jack loves playing on the many train tables.

We ran into some friends (Garrett, Nick, and Zora) there!

Jack is so serious when he plays with the trains.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


At lunch today Jack pretended his cup was a telephone. I heard him say, "Just eating lunch." pause. "Um...Peanut butter and jelly, and some oranges." It was pretty funny. After lunch we ran some errands. Jack wanted to wear his sunglasses.

Patrick was buckled in and ready for errands (i.e. ready to take a nap in the car).
This afternoon Jack's Aunt Margaret and cousin Katie stopped by. When they left, Jack asked me where they went. I told him they went home to eat dinner. He told me he wanted to go home, too. I told him he was home. He said he wanted a different home. :( I told him that made me sad, and asked him, "Don't you want to live here with Mommy and Daddy and Patrick?" He said that he did want to live here. Then he said that he wanted to make Mommy happy. :) How sweet!