Sunday, August 22, 2010

We, and what I mean by "we" is Jim, my cousin Leo, and our friend Robert, took out the big bushes in our backyard last weekend.
Jack watched from inside.
Leo brought his landscaping expertise with him.
We were glad Robert came in from England just to help with this project (or so I like to think that was his reason).
Jack also helped me make mini chocolate cheesecakes last weekend.  His job was to twist the Oreos, and put each half in a muffin cup.  Here is what he did with the first one:
I let him eat that cookie.  After helping me, he found some plastic cups to stack.
Patrick clapped and cheered on his brother as he built plastic cup towers.
We had Cardinal tickets for Wednesday's day game.  Jim was supposed to come with us, but had to work.  Luckily, Robert was still in town and joined us.  Jack, Patrick, and I rode the Metro Link down to the game.
Jack wanted to see a little of the game before we made it to our seats.
Robert wore his Cardinal pink!
"Go Albert Pujols!"
Our friend, Joe, was at the game too!  All kids love Joe!
Unfortunately we didn't win, but it was fun anyway.
Jim is at the Cardinal game right now.  Here is a picture from earlier today when he was reading books to the boys.  One of them is more interested in the book than the other!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Water on the Ceiling

When Jack washes his hands after going potty, he usually just likes to play with the water.  I went in to check on him today and said, "Jack!  There is water everywhere!"  He looked around and said, "No, there is not.  There is not water on the ceiling.  See?  There's no water up there."  True.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hilton Head!

Last Saturday, Jack, Patrick, and I returned home from a week in Hilton Head.  Unfortunately Jim did not get to go; he had to work.  My parents rented a big house with a private pool that was a bicycle ride away from the beach. It was great!  Patrick got to fly on an airplane for the first time!
We had a layover in Atlanta.
Headed to the beach:
I didn't take Patrick to the beach because it was soooo hot and there was no shade.  We hung out at the house and he napped.
The house my parents rented had its own pool.  Almost every afternoon, the boys were in the pool from lunch until dinner!
Michael calls this a "stalker photo" of his fiancee Kathleen.
Nice hair!
One morning we went to Harbour Town and went to the top of the lighthouse.
I took a couple pictures of Patrick on a blanket in a laundry basket.
Adam, Lukas, and Jack had a lot of fun in the laundry baskets, too!
Lukas and Jack rode in the bike trailer that Uncle Patrick and Aunt Ingrid rented.  Fun!  They played really well together all week.
Ryan fell out of bed one night and Patrick (his Dad) took him to the ER where they glued his head back together.  Poor guy!  He was not allowed to go in the water the rest of the trip.
Pool Time!
Patrick would try to climb out of the floatation device.
Aunt Ingrid and Nana put Patrick and Lukas behind the waterfall!
Jack would have stayed in the pool all day and night if we let him.
Uncle Patrick read the boys stories at bedtime.