Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Go Cards!

We took Charlie to his first Cardinals game last Thursday.  He was 16 days old.  He did great; he slept through most of it.  He got to wear an adorable Cardinals sweater and hat that my Aunt Sue made for Jack when he was a baby.  They say "Kelly" on the back.  Too cute!  Unfortunately, the Cards did not win.  We are hoping for a win tonight, though!
At home after the game:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Soccer and Such

We all went to Jack's soccer practice last weekend.  He really seems to like soccer a lot.
Patrick liked it, too!  He generally likes any kind of ball, so when he found this bag full of soccer balls, he was pretty excited.
Charlie slept the entire time.
Jack likes to make funny poses for pictures.

The team gathered to listen to the coach.  They had to keep their foot on the ball during the talk.
Patrick wanted to join Jack and his teammates.
He shoots, he scores!
Just like big brother:
When we got home, we took some pictures of the three boys.

Then, Jack decided to show Patrick just how much he loved him.  Love hurts.

Jim holding Charlie:
I think he likes the guitar.

Charlie's umbilical cord fell off, so he got his first bath.
Uncle Michael and Auntie Kathleen came to visit.

They brought Charlie this cute pumpkin hat.  I will need to get a better picture, since you cannot see the whole hat.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Week with Charlie

My Dad took a week of vacation and kept Jack and Patrick this past week.  Jim was back at work, so it gave me a chance to bond with Charlie and catch up on some much-needed sleep.  He picked the boys up Monday morning, just after we found out we could take Charlie off the bilibed.  So, Momma got lots of overdue snuggle time with Charlie.  Jack and Patrick had a fantastic time with Papa.  They went to the zoo, the Arch, out to eat, played in the pool (at the beginning of the week when it was close to 100 degrees!), and lots more.  My Dad sent me pictures, but I was not able to save them to the computer or else I would post them here.  Instead, I have a LOT of pictures of Charlie from the week.  Enjoy!

Little feet:
At this point, I stopped taking pictures for a bit.

On Tuesday evening, Jim and I took Charlie to a welcome event for new faculty members.  At one week old, he was the youngest person there (by probably close to 3 decades).  He did a great job (i.e. he slept almost the entire time).  They even had a name tag for him!
My cousin made this towel for Charlie.  Jack and Patrick have matching towels.

At this point (after about 200 pictures this day), Charlie let me know how he felt about the camera.
Charlie even had his first "tummy time."
Look at him lifting his head off the floor!
Okay.  Tummy time is over.  Mommy will hold you some more.
Daddy was happy to get some Charlie time after work each night.