Saturday, July 30, 2016

Michigan, part 1

In June, I took the kids to Michigan.  Jim had to work, but my parents and brother were going to be there with me.  It was a fun week!  I have so many pictures, I decided to make 2 posts.

We played a lot on the sand dune behind the cottages...
...and on the beach in front of the cottages.
Papa buried Patrick in the sand.

Aunt Sue is always a favorite!

Almost every morning, Nana hosted tennis camp for the 6 grandsons.

Maggie and I came along one morning and played on the playground. 
She loves the swings!
My brother Patrick and his boys:

Patrick and Ingrid went back a few days early, but luckily the boys got to stay and have fun with their cousins.

Papa and I took the kids to the pier one day.

We visited our favorite playground.

Look at this big girl on a big swing!
A drone flew over the playground while all the kids were playing.  It was kind of creepy.  I circled it in the picture so you can see it.

There is a really big sand dune next to the playground.
The kids had a blast climbing the hill and running down it!

Nana was sweet to take Maggie up the hill.

Sandy face...

Very sandy face: